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Decided I would make a video to talk to you guys about whether or not I think the new Type R will be coming to America. I thought it would be something of interest to many of you since you watch my channel for my 2014 Si. I hope you guys enjoy and give me some more video ideas along with some feedback!


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whitesiguy says:

Want to support the channel? Check out my t-shirts & sweatshirts!

whitesiguy says:

A very much asked for video I finally got to make! Subscribe, share the
video, and FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!@dapper_si

Acuravigor47 says:

The world gets the Type R. the west gets the Si. Its been that way for
years. Just look forward to the Focus RS. Now that is what you should
really be waiting for. Honda makes great vehicles. But the Focus RS will
just blow what we know about boosted 4 cylinders out the window.

Tyrese973 says:

Just been confirmed the car is coming and it’s nothing you can do about it 

RayMan Vlogs says:

Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. I love euro/jap style hatchbacks
and would spend 30k on a 280hp type R (fuck the prestige), but like i said
I think you are correct sir. : (

andoxviii says:

Why would Honda even think about a Civic competing with AWD sedans? You
know nothing about cars. Clearly. You should be talking about a Focus ST,
or a Golf GTI…FWD turbo hatchbacks.

Hydragurum says:

Civic Type R confirmed for the US! What are your thoughts on that? Topic
for an upcoming video perhaps?

sammy smith says:

Rather have a Focus RS. BMW M2(yes waaay out these cars price range) will
be a rocket…
Look I own a 2015 Sti got it back in August and put a good down payment on
it. My next car will either be a Focus RS or the M2, I’m done with Honda

vanslem6 says:

Do you think an Si is more environmentally unfriendly than a Hellcat
Challenger or GT500? 

MetalsForBrunch says:

Its already confirmed that it’s coming to USA. they are expecting 2016.
There’s tons of small cars over here in USA and lots of turbo charged bmw,
auid, vw cars. You’ll going to trade it in soon I can tell u that lol. 

kevin godlewski says:

I don’t understand how you are saying a civic is gonna compete with a evo
or sti ! Dude those are rally cars and I mean I’m not trying to hate on you
but their is no way your civic can compare to a evo or sti .. Come on

toophatdiego says:

Pretty sure if they release Civic Type R in America I’ll be seeing them
every corner of the streets.

Christopher Mosley says:

Honda will be forever underestimated but its cool cause no one looks at the
V8 and V10 Honda does for F1 arms there has been talk for a hondaV8 its
gonna start with there acura line up as far as american cars go they are
garbage thats my opinion and I’m sticking to it Honda it best known for its
ingenuity and they live by it what they show people is that you don’t have
to have rear wheel or awheel let alone 8 10 12 cylinders to pull big

ramonrios01 says:

Honda pro Jason announced it . It’s coming! Lol

GamingImpact says:

Yeah, I agree with all your points about the price tag, emission and safety
standards. I also want to mention that if they bring over here than what
would happen to the si. I would prefer American Honda improve the si for
the future gens like making it lighter, handle better and make a hatch
version. Honda should really change the civic back to its roots as
affordable, light weight fun cars.

Devstatham says:

Guess you got your answer lol

SuperR1991 says:

Can you do a video talking about the focus or fiesta ST cus you always seem
to never talk about those cars and they are loads of fun i own a fiesta ST
and it is incredible i think its the only fwd car that likss to get tail

Tyler Gamble says:

Well it was just announced a couple days ago and it’s confirmed that it is
coming to the U.S. I agreed with you though. I didn’t think it would come
but it is! Great video man!

Louis Perez says:

That is bullshit General motors just wants to keep selling their american
car. I dont think that a civic type R would be more dangerous than a
corvette or GT500 Shelby. 🙁 -____- 

Daniel Guzman says:

The si in US has gotten horrible everytime now with the chrome trims and
red 2 tone seats lol Honda knows there fucken up in the states so there
gonna have to do something crazy like bring the trype r. Type r never have
a big profit or any profit margin it’s all about if the teenager or the
husband buys a type r to play with the whole family will buy new Hondas

ofmudandearth says:

now im looking that the engine will be in the next gen civic. not the whole

David Thomas says:

Hmmmm…. feel the environmental regulations part may inaccurate seeing as
the Type-R engine itself is supposed to come to the U.S. along with the
other three or four turbo engines that they are developing. the whole
reason Honda is putting a turbo engine in the new Type-R is because
regulations are getting more strict in Europe and basically everywhere else
in the world a turbo makes an engine more efficient at burning fuel
especially when changing altitudes and climate changes. so i have no doubts
that the power train will make it here but as far as the vehicle itself i
wish it would even if it was a limited run but i don’t think it will. i
think Honda will have the Si model and then for a “performance package” i
think they may have the Type-R power plant and other performance bits here
and there for an extra 8k or something. and maybe they will call it the
Si-R i think that would be there best move as it wouldn’t cost so much to
them as it would for a full car since the Si is already made in Canada and
imported here. i myself would prefer the Type-R body because it will boast
more space and practicality but i wouldn’t mind a package upgrade for my
FG4 either. and that’s another thing. if they do make a package for the Si
it should be backwards compatible kind of think that will work for the 9th
gens and the 10th gens if that makes sense. i would happily buy that
package instead of buying turbo kit or supercharger for my current power
plant. because that would mean factory warranty for anything that goes

Daniel Guzman says:

Yup it’s coming save your money kids….

danielgoncalves69 says:

Yea I agree with this. I would love to get the type R here, I have an 08 si
sedan now here in NJ with the FD2 conversion done, so I’m a big typeR fan.
I guess we should just be hopeful of at least getting a turbo motor
platform in the Si, that would keep me happy. I would never sell my current
Si with the conversion but I wouldn’t mind adding a new si if it came with
a similar earth dreams turbo like the typeR . I tune K series cars so
having a stock turbo car to play with will be fun, knowing how well these
cars already respond to bolt ons. Can you imagine a nice 3″ exhaust and a
tune at higher boost on a 2016-2017 si stock turbo with already 280hp
stock? You could be over 300 easily and pulling nice trap speeds.

Louis Perez says:

I would spend from 25k to 30k for the type-R. 

KillerCam251 says:

Another reason ive seen is Honda North Am. says there isnt market or
intrest enough for hatchbacks especially a performance one like the new
type r, compared to japan and especially europe. The lines are starting to
blur though with cars like the focus and fiesta st. Maybe another 5-10
years the type r will return once more to america.

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