2015 Global Megatrends and Business Trends

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Strategic Business Insights (free video series)

The top 8 global megatrends for 2014 are reviewed in this 17-minute video. Global megatrends lead to business trends and opportunities for entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists. The megatrends reviewed include global warming, natural resource depletion, shifting demographics, monetary manipulation and currency wars, and accelerating technological change.


Darrell Mckeating says:

Thanks for this clear overview of what to keep in mind for a better future
for all.

Elijah Odhiambo says:

Great perspective

Patrick Schwerdtfeger says:
Prakash Sutradhar says:

As usual .. Another great video and true perspective.. Thank You :-)


Patrick, could you make a video talking about corruption….and the things
that citizens can do to help stop it?

Usman Sattar says:

Great video Patrick. I totally concur with your position about Biotech and
Healthcare(in general). I will be studying the business aspects and
commercialization of Biotechnology along with Health IT next summer.
Moreover, i think, “The internet of things” would be part of normal day
life in near future. 

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