2015 Haircut Trends for Men -TheSalonGuy

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Please enjoy my hair trends for men in 2015 filmed on the original CBGB stage!

The looks from the video are:
The fohawk, pompadour, soccer player, man bun/top knot, undercut.

Produced by:
Stephen Marinaro “TheSalonGuy”

DP: Frank Angelcyk http://www.refractivefilms.com
Camera/Editing: Stephen Rosania
PA: Anthony Bossolino

Makeup by: Nydia Figuearoa

PR by: http://www.rprmc.com

Photos: http://www.beautyworldmonthly.com

Adam Augustine
Lam Nguyen
Steve Ferrari
Greg Washburn
Phillip Destruge

Bartender : Evan Drahzal

Johnny Nacis, Tahiyya Ramseur, Wanda Ramos, Lynette Scire, Carmen Vienhage, Lora Brooks, Franiana Scott, Jessie Bouffier, Aileen Maria, Rosy Ramchandani, Olivia Margolin

Product info at: http://www.americancrew.com

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FTC Disclaimer: I am not employed by American Crew or an official brand stylist or educator. While this video was sponsored by American Crew, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my viewers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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SkippCA NA says:

That Asian guy has the Shun Oguri hairstyle xD

gtz00001 says:

Lam hair is so fucking cool it reminds me of Genji from the movie crow zero
but in the front he do the top knot man bun

nico gonzalez says:

Hey…How can i make a haircut more versatile?Let’s say a haircut that is 3
inches on top and tapered sides with a number 2 guard but on the back is
like a mohawk which is v shaped….How can i make it more versatile like
you can do different styles on it? +TheSalonGuy 

Generalissimo says:

Wow, really good video. I have never seen so original idea. Keep up the
good work !

Realistikk513 says:

The guy with the beard had a hard time taking this seriously lol. Ps your a
little too cool to be drinking lamenson. 

Danny Moran says:

Can u do any haircut with beards 

steve ferrarie says:

Lynn and I were so happy to be a part of this incredible video!!!

tile late says:

All hairstyles look about the same haha but great styling info man!

Alex Izzo says:

Some cool interesting trends. The manbun is by far the best imo of these
trends for this year. But the one with the Asian guy is horrible imo. It’s
weird like just keep it all long or go regular undercut and slick it all

gtz00001 says:

Do you miss your hair?

Drummer boy says:

I’m guessing your new sponsor is American crew? Lol

Stefan86S says:

Adam is the coolest. Steve is cool but need some grooming. Lam too much
anime. Other two don’t care.
PS: i’m reffering to the hairstyles, and not the person.

justin fitzgerald says:

awesomen hairstyles. I think the last hairstyle you showed us looks realy
great. Can you do Tonny perry’s mohawk hairstyle from Pierce the veil. I’m
letting my hair grow out for that one.

Peti Gyarmati says:

Great video! Undercut is still the best haircut imo.

TheSalonGuy says:

Hope you all enjoy this video. This was a major production and also the
first time a hair video was filmed on the original set of CBGB which is a
historic punk bar from NYC famous during the 70’s & 80’s.

Lora Brooks says:

Awesomeness, I love how you go into depth with the details of blending the
products….I’m ready to change my color and try these Crew products!
100% real cuts for 2015, rockin a New Look for Spring 2015!

Aether says:

Do you think some women hairstyles would suit men? And if so which style
would look good?
Personally I like the Top Knot I was wondering how long would I have to
grow my hair, currently it’s almost surpassing my eye level and my fringe
reaches the tip of my nose.

Matias Sings says:

As always you do great keep up the amazing work

Niklas Yli-Piipari says:

Nice. Could you please do the Jason Dornan or whatever his name is from
Fifty Shades of Grey? Thanks!

The Evolving Blade says:

Great Looks!!! Well presented.

xxx active says:

Great video as always. By far the best and most versitile (cant spell it
lol) hair channel on you tube. You are just always on point with those cuts
keep it on man!+Get us some discounts on AC hahah (no but rly that wuld be
Love from Slovenia

Niklas Yli-Piipari says:

Thanks man you’re awesome!

Johnny Nacis says:

soooo good! glad to be part of it!

Marcos Guaico says:

Best one was pompadour imo

Mushfiqul Haque says:

Hey ur videos r amazing bt i am a guy with chubby cheeks na kinda oval
faced.so i cant apply ur tutorials on my hair. plz i mean i was wondering
if u could show something for guys with chubby cheeks. this will be of
great help. :)

Felipe Perez says:

Kim jong un tutorial? 

Alex S says:


J Combover says:

Justice carding tutorial?

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