5 Winter Layering Outfit Ideas 2015 | ANNEORSHINE

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Thumbs UP for a Dress It Yourself video!
Hi Everyone! Thanks for your request to see more styling videos! I have heard what you guys wanted and Ann delivers! I will try to make a new “Dress It Yourself” at the end of each month and more based on your request! I’ve recently moved from New England to Southern California, so I remember how tricky it can be to dress winter appropriate but also look chic! It’s all about styling with layers!

All of these outfits are customizable. You can wear these outfits with any shoes you like, such as flats or boots. Add a thermal layer for extra warmth to take off a layer in you live in warmer regions. If you are looking to be fashion forward and see a few different ways to style a winter outfit, this video is for you! You don’t need to get the same exact garments for the look. Keep an eye out for the color combinations, and the way the items flow together to hopefully give you some inspiration on a few outfit ideas!

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Outfit 1:
Alice & Olivia Coat
Forever21 Sweater
Zara Pants & Hat
Calvin Klien Boots
Rebecca Minkoff Bag http://bit.ly/1z9iLDx

Outfit 2
Old Navy dress
Steven Boots
TODD for Target Shawl
H&M hat
Frye Boots

Outfit 3:
Jcrew Coat
Celine Bag can buy here http://bit.ly/1z9iqRf
Zara shoes, top, and jeans

Outfit 4:
Tahari for Kohls dress
Guess Boots
Zara scarf
Asos Coat
Celine Bag

Outfit 5:
Jcrew Trench Coat
Jcrew Chambray shirt
Zara Pants
Hunter rainboot
Rebecca Minkoff bag http://bit.ly/1z9iLDx

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Ann Le {Anneorshine} says:

UNDER 301 CLUB!!! I’m gonna be on for the next hour to respond to your
comments!!! Let’s go!! =)

Ann Le {Anneorshine} says:

Dress It Yourself with a new Winter Lookbook! #NEWVIDEO 5 Outfits!!

Made by A says:

I’m from the Netherlands. We call it here a “cold-frog land” :)) . Its very
cold here. Specialy now. ♡ 

Malini Chandra says:

You have such a chic, yet laid back style. It’s so unique but you wear
everything with so much confidence so it always just feels right and looks
perfect. Keep doing you! Btw I am in Texas where it’s still colder than I
want it be :(

jacqui heywood says:

I’m from New Zealand. It’s stinky hot, humid, not much rain. Middle of our
summer here. Great video btw. I love your style.

Julietta Torres (Makeup Tutorials) says:

FREAKING LOVING the outfits !!! :D

Alexis MacKenzie says:

Number 3 is my favorite!
I live in Michigan and it is FREEZING cold man.

lookunderhere says:

So cute when your hat was being tossed Ann! 

lucinda monger says:

Really enjoyed your videos. In Sept I moved to Oregon–which is kind of
cool and rainy–from So Texas which was warm. Getting used to it. Have a
great day. Loved the outfits. I am plus size but still get some good

Sara Mohamed says:

I live in Dubai and it is freaking hot!!!!!

DeDe B says:

So Love that you put this video together!!! I have your clothes videos over
and over. Can’t get enough!!!

Vanessa Peraza says:

Can u do one for summer in California it’s always hot

Sam Hackenson says:

I didn’t know you lived in Mass! It’s been in the single digits here
lately. Not as cold as some places but it’s still awful! Also, the snow is
half my height haha. Love these videos.

amandatrotta13 says:

I’m from Brazil!Here is hot even in the winter,so a jeans,t-shirt and a
coat is everything we need in the rare “cold” days!

ellienna says:

UGH! That blue Asos coat is indescribable *amazing*!!! Went straight to
their website, but it’s out of stock. 🙁
Love all of your dress it yourself videos! Your styling is always on point.

I live in Sweden and we have snow and a few degrees below 0 c right now.
The winter has been quite lame this year actually. But it’s not over for a
couple of months, so anything can happen. :)

GreyShell says:

Canada. It was like, -22 a few days ago. 

lisalin says:

Love your style! So chic yet wearable : )

xSushiRolLx says:

I want a cookie

Magdalena Strmota says:

I’m from Croatia, and it’s really cold right now 

Bongquesha I feel her says:

Its usually cold in Washington but the weather this month has been really
great and beautiful so far. lots of sunshine but still a little cold tho…

eclouse3 says:


MissLozano007 says:

Could you please do a turotial on your hair?! I also have short hair and i
have no idea how to curl it! Thank you! 

Kendra Loh says:

Love this video. Your sense of style is inspirational. 

HIna Khatri says:

I’m from Ireland and it snowed the other day which was completely gone by
the next day! And then the weather remained as normal. Terribly cold haha!!

SR2ify says:

I was born and brought up in Scotland and it’s a nightmare and I have
always felt I was made for a warmer climate would love to move xx 

CrimsonB says:

I love your videos so much, but your dress it yourself videos are the best
imo 🙂 I love how you put together such wearable outfits which look
awesome, I especially liked your fourth and fifth outfits in this video.
Love you, don’t stop making videos!

Stephanie Torres says:

Great outfits. Central CA. Grover Beach, CA. Close to Pismo Beach & San
Luis Obispo. 

Gabs says:

all the outfits were gorgeous!!

لطيفة الداود says:

اول تعليق تم بحمد لله وبعد تعب وجهد وصلت لنجاحي بأول تعليق ابغى اشكر اهلي
الي ساعدوني خاصة امي وابوي وشكر لكل واحد ساعدني لكوني اول تعليق وانشاء الله
ما أوقف انجازات واشكركم لتفاعلكم معي والدعم الي قدمتوه وصارحه بذي المرحلة
مايمديني امسك دموعي ……..’تناشق’ وشكرا لكم من اعماق اعماق قلبي ..
Thank.. You ~_~ <3..

turquoiseshopaholic says:

I live in Houston, Texas and literally last week the weather was in the

Allison Andrew says:

Chicago… so far so good… we had a week or two of super super cold…
but that’s it so far (but it’s not over!) Tomorrow we are expecting
possibly 6 to 8 inches of snow with a low of 8 degrees (F).

Chiamaka 926 says:

Whoever did not like this video are jelous bitches.

CrazyHippopotamus says:

I live in finland and its cold in here :(

Mona Istefanos says:

I am from Egypt we have usuallygreat weather although we have some very
cold days usually in late December and early January then lovely weather as
nowadays ,so I like your outfits choices and wish you back to fashion
themed videos :)

Karen Hill says:

Ha ha if I dared wear one of your lovely outfits to work I would be sent
home LOL. I live in in South Carolina so im thinking its close maybe. I
dunno maybe not but by your gear it looks close. 

alizabethmylovexx says:

I’ve lived in northern Canada for most of my life, now I love in eastern
Canada. To be short, it’s very very cold..

Caroline2848 says:

I love outfit number two! Its so versatile and I could easily recreate it
with items in my own closet. Your puppy is adorable!

Amina Fregjaj says:

fantasticcc :))

Denise N says:

I ‘m in Wisconsin. Hard to pick a favorite because each look was awesome.
You have effortless style!

itskarrye says:

I live in cajamarca – peru, i actually love the weather in here basically
because there’s no humidity which is good for my hair and i feel less
gross, the seasons are barely defined in here so it can rain or be sunny
whenever the weather decides to. currently it’s mostly rainy so these
outfits are perfect and i love them <3

Monica Simone says:

Omg, you are just the cutest! Glad i found your channel! 

timburtonlove says:

Im obsessed with the target shawl in outfit 2!!! But I searched online and
cant find it at all! Was it a more recent purchase or an older one??? Sooo

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