DubLi Online Home Based Business Overview with Alan Breen

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DubLi’s Home based online business model has positioned itself very uniquely in today’s most significant business trends – specifically eCommerce. As perhaps the most “disruptive” technology seen in all of business history, eCommerce also has to be seen, as the greatest opportunity in modern day history.

DubLi’s Customer Acquisition Model, gives you the ability to harness this disruptive technology/force on a global basis.
DubLi’s 12 International Cashback Malls offer EXTRAORDINARY value to consumers around the world. DubLi pays the highest CASHBACK amounts to your customers for doing everything they are already doing. The get paid Cashback on all their Shopping, all their Travel, their Entertainment, their Cell Phones, their Insurance and Investments etc.

As a DubLi Business Associate, you earn a 25% commission on ALL your personal customers, no matter what your rank. You can also earn up to as much as 27.5% override on all the customers in your organization and any Nonprofits you sponsor with DubLi’s Partner Program.

I was very fortunate to have sponsored the American Red Cross, the Catholic Health Initiative (a group of 90 nonprofit hospitals) as well as many smaller and lesser known nonprofits. Without question the greatest number of customer will be generated from the nonprofits participating in the Partner Program. That is why I see the Partner Program as the key to your “Long-Term” success with DubLi’s compensation plan.
DubLi is the last home you will ever need. It is the only company in the history of this industry that allows you, as an individual, to create a “sound” walk-a-way, residual, retirement income – because it’s all about the customers, not the Business Associates…


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