eCommerce Trends for 2015 [Webinar] – Part One

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Last year Responsive Design and Omni-Channel were big topics for 2014. What will 2015 bring? Here’s a preview of the topics we’ll be discussing in this video:

CRM & Big Data
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has traditionally been popular for B2B merchants, however going forward we’ll be seeing more B2C merchants taking advantage of CRM in order to have one view of their customers. Specifically, CRM will help merchants with several key strategic and tactical initiatives such as loyalty, single view of the customer, segmentation, life time value of a customer ($) as well as differentiating high value customers vs. low value customers (more than just $). With more channels and more ways to interact with customers, we’ll be discussing how CRM will finally be able to leverage all that data you’ve been collecting but not effectively using.

Mobile, it seems, has been a hot topic for the last couple of years. And it’s still on our list for a key trend in the industry. Why? Because Mobile is forever evolving. With the elimination of boundaries between in-store and online, mobile devices stand to become the key component of how consumers interact with retailers while in stores. Specifically we’ll be focusing on how the mobile payments industry has evolved, and where opportunities and challenges exist for retailers when dealing with NFC vs BLE vs iBeacon.

Closely related to Mobile, is security. One of the biggest factors hindering consumers in eCommerce is trust and the security around paying online, and with PCI compliance becoming more difficult to achieve each year, it’s causing headaches for most merchants. We’ll be elaborating on the recent changes to PCI compliance for 2015 and beyond, as well as the 12 control objectives you need to to be fully PCI Compliant. This topic is not one to be missed.


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