eCommerce Trends for 2015 [Webinar] – Part Two

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In continuation from our Part 1 Webinar on eCommerce Trends for 2015, Part 2 is focused around types of companies as well as industries that are positioned to be big within eCommerce this year. See below for a quick summary of the topics discussed in this video.

B2B & B2B2C
For years eCommerce was directed at B2C businesses. Now however, after substantial shifts in buyer behaviour the industry is changing. eCommerce is now becoming a levelled playing field between B2C and B2B, presenting some immense opportunities for B2B businesses and making way for a new age of hybrid companies. B2B2C is now the fastest growing segment in eCommerce as brands and manufacturers go direct to consumer. But every brand and vertical are all struggling with it (ie. issue of Channel Conflict). We’ll be discussing how B2B eCommerce differs from B2C and how B2B merchants can compete within the B2C eCommerce world.

Food & Beverage
This year we’re going to see Food & Beverage companies as well as Grocery make a bigger push into eCommerce. Obviously, Grocery has been available for years (ie. Grocery Gateway), but now we’re seeing a lot more niche players hit the market, thanks to lower barriers to entry in the eCommerce world. What will this mean for the industry, what complexities and challenges involved when delivering perishables? We’ve got some thoughts around this.

Home & Garden
We’ve also seen a recent push with Home and Garden businesses (ie. home decor, furniture etc) into eCommerce. This also ties nicely into B2B companies going direct to consumer. Home & Garden is an interesting industry with product being usually usually big items (physically), which causes there to be more complex logistical issues surrounding fulfillment and delivery. We’ll be sharing what we’ve learned so far from the few retailers that are online.


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