[ESL Tutorials] – 8 hot tech trends coming to your office in 2015

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From virtual assistants to virtual reality, the future is set to invade your workplace.
As the year comes to a close, it’s time to speculate what new technologies 2015 has in store that will change the way we do business, again. Virtual reality, drones, and collaborative software are a few of the innovations that will come into their own in a big way in the months ahead, according to a just-released forecast from digital strategy firm Webbmedia Group.
But that’s just the beginning. You might want to ask your virtual assistant to take some notes.
1. Smart Virtual Personal Assistants (SVPAs)
Think of them as Siri after getting a promotion to executive assistant. These “predictive intelligence” apps use voice recognition to sort through personal data from email messages, address books, calendars, and task lists in order to anticipate the next logical step and drastically boost daily efficiency. Apple, Google, and Yahoo all acquired SVPA apps in recent months to integrate into predictive products, from mobile apps to smart speakers, helping consumers get stuff done even before they would remember to do it otherwise.
2. Privacy
A perennial on Webbmedia’s list, privacy concerns remain top-of-mind for wired Americans: According to a Pew Internet and Society poll, 91 percent agree that consumers have lost control of their personal data. Adobe, Dropbox, and Snapchat have experienced major password breaches, and Target and Home Depot had credit card data from millions of customers stolen by hackers. To address these system breaches and reduce the widespread public mistrust, companies will spend more resources on password security and encryption management. In October, Twitter released Digits, a two-way authentication service that sends one-time confirmation codes via texts, which will be offered to mobile apps.
3. Intelligent Drones


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