Finally: Hillary Makes 2016 Run Official

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The worst-kept secret in politics is out of the bag. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is seeking the 2016 Democratic nomination for president. Mark and John share their initial thoughts on the announcement and what lies ahead for the former first lady as the campaign revs into high gear.


roomforthefiiixins says:

God, I hate that cunt.

Horatio Nelson says:

BARF! No more Clintons in politics! America is ready for a Republican in

Gabe Karl says:

Wu Tang for president … C.R.E.A.M.

Ann Boylen says:

Here we go with the GOP attacks: She’s a cold hearted b, pantsuits,
grandma, Obama, Monica Lewinski, Watergate, Senate days, and their new fave
Benghazi. Go on and make her a martyr so that more people run out to vote
for her.

Andrew Gardner says:

Hillary just really creeps me out. Something is really wrong with her.

Ernest Purcell says:

If you vote for Hillary, you know nothing about her, other than she has a
vagina (and that is debatable). There is no other way to look at it.

ciel222 says:

Yes, yes, yes Hillary

PulsarFusion says:

She has lots of experience as a senator I’ll give her that. But don’t trust
her any further than I can pick her up and throw her. Too scandal ridden
from the past 30 years. If I pulled those off I’d be in prison for a VERY

selwyn gonzales says:

Easy win

Billy Pox says:

Hilary Clinton: One of the most vile, unethical, pathological lying, power
vampires to ever grace the stage of U.S. Politics. God help us all.

goldsilverandiamonds says:


elkaribbe says:

According to some posts here from people with republican tendencies, the
best thing that could have happened to the Republican Party is that Hillary
be the Democratic Party’s candidate for President in 2016.

So, …here you have it. Right? But, how come that profound hatred toward
her all of a sudden? Now you people give the impression that you don’t want
her to be the nominee, why?

Remember: According to your own posts here, the best thing that could have
happened to the Republican Party is that Hillary be the Democratic Party’s
candidate for President in 2016, isn’t it?

In addition to: 1- Benghazi, 2- Monica Lewinski, 3- e-mails 4- Phil
Robertson, Cruz, Rand; what else does the republican party have to offer to
this nation for 2016?

ted nugent for vice-President and steve scalise for Secretary of State.
limbaugh as White House press secretary. d. trump for the CIA, (the one
who, after 6 years, hasn’t been able to produce a mere birth certificate
from Kenya). It ‘s amazing how they managed to alienate and turn off almost
everyone except for racists, conservative white males and some women.

Hillary, too intellectual to be defeated by a mere republican, …they know
it. The republicans are so retrograde and blind they don’t realize that to
win big you have to win NATIONWIDE, not in those peculiar tea party
districts. …and then they wonder why they are becoming irrelevant.

Tippersnore says:

I bet Rodham does not win in Nov. 2016 despite the demographic edge and the
need for a woman finally for this office and that would be a shame because
a Republican would most likely bring the neocons back big-time more than
her and another nutty Supreme Court appointment would set the country back
socially another 2-3 decades compared with what most of the nation wants
and how they think. Actually an outsider (Sanders etc.) would be better but
within the limited American paradigm with its built-in legal corruption
(money/access), I would reluctantly take a Dem.

p money says:

finally. id like the republicans to prepare a good candidate for hillary to
beat. i hope that its not too much of a landslide. im going to buy a bottle
of aged wine and share it with my tea party friends after her victory.

conservatives should be pleased cause be honest with yourself and look what
the republicans are serving this election….

ahouse321321 says:

YouTube isn’t posting my thumbs down! What the heck!? 

Dan Wipper says:

Hillary is the best thing that could happen to the other parties. She is a
political time bomb.

GodKnowsYou2 says:

She has already hurt this country enough. She has proven American lives
does not matter to her. And I quote after the deaths of americans ” at this
point why does it matter”. Any life always matter!!!!!

Brian Jones says:

Yes how cool it would be for a women in office. It’s about time. But not
this lying, cover up crime, and laughing because a girl was raped. She’s a
monster and needs to be in jail for her crimes. 

Stephen Yount says:

The old hag has more skeletons in the closet than the sissy in the White
House right now. No wonder Bill cheated so much, you can only make the bed
room so dark. Just what the country needs another forked tongue lawyer
who’s never had a real job. 

bill derocca says:


Kieran Herridge says:

I’m not into drinking but will get drunk when she loses. Celebrating
dodging a bullet.

raja seelan says:

Not a single mention of Benghazi? Well at least we know how the main stream
media is going to play now. And sure enough raising fund should not be a
problem at all.. all the billions and the the ‘favors’ owed that comes with
the big guns that along it. Do I smell ‘oil’ somewhere?… America is

oracleofottawa says:

Hillary Clinton is a lock…

Howard Ackerman says:

She is going to ride the sexism card to victory. Unfortunately the
republicans really don’t have shit so we got another 4 years of Dems at

ghostplaya gary says:

Here we go voteing on a old old career leech of a politician .she has no
other way of making a $.loose or win she’ll write another fictional. .

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