Fitness Industry Trends and Predictions 2015 – Bedros Keuilian

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Each year I put out a survey throughout the fitness industry asking personal trainers and fitness professionals about their business. Then I share the survey results with you so that you know what’s going on in our industry.

Plus I share with you what I see as upcoming trends and my predictions for the up coming year.

This is the 2015 fitness industry trends, predictions and survey results video.

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2015 Fitness Industry Trends, Predictions and survey results:


Paris Andreou says:

Simple, to the point and genius. Like all simple things are. You couldn’t
have said it better. The surprising thing is although we are in a different
continent, things are very similar.

V Landan Laurusaitis says:

Bedros has done well for himself and is hitting on many cylinders. As a fit
pro myself I can say seeing the value of group training from a personal
fulfillment perspective is massive. If you have ever trained 200 personal
sessions a month you will soon crave a way to reach more. This is a great
place to start and become a creative expert. The industry is still very
much a Wild West atmosphere and you can truly try anything today and still
have a captive and ever replenishing audience tomorrow. It’s never been
more exciting to add value create wealth and serve others than before. Much
appreciation and power to bedros and his enterprise. 2015 will be massive. 

Felicia Starks says:

Great information and thanks for sharing this! I took notes! 

Re-createyourdiet says:

Hi love ur shows , can you plz add the subtitles options , u have it on
same but not others 

Eric Johnson says:

Thank you Bedros. 

Dianne CobbPennisi says:

Hi Bedros,This is my first video of yousr that I have watched.
unfortunately it took me a while to tune in, I am mainly a dancer and
Zumba instructor. I am living in India. I just opened my first studio where
I will be offering group fitness to a micro niche. (my market is the well
being of the EXpats who have come here to work on a temporary basis). I am
concentrating on the Japanese and Korean housewives whom live in my area.
Your ideas are excellant for me except for the American statistics. I
wonder if there is anyway for getting more statistics for my neck of the

Results Sports and Fitness Academy says:

I need help with systems, operations

AnvilWorks says:

Glad I voted for both of those showing I’m on track. Great vid Bedros.

Results Sports and Fitness Academy says:

Thanks for sharing, I need help with management and operating software,
EFT, appointments, pay online ect
Call me or email me your thoughts, 310 999-2231 or

nzgSPLIKIT says:

I need help with getting a job in the fitness industry , not boring factory
labor industry 

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