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Training to understand the new trends in luxury. There is a New Optimism in the Post-crisis era and needs to live an Epicurean Life, enjoying every moment. People want to feel better. Explore the “Twiggy” effect and how you can feel young at age 61. Men have a different approach to luxury shopping and are booming more like women: focus on aesthetic and narcissism. At the same time, a new shift in luxury trend is bringing brands from accessories and clothing to homes and culture. Customer needs are shifting from having to being. Experience is the key for luxury food, hotels and adventures (like swimming with sharks). New markets are destination for expansion: Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, Malaysia, Qatar are gaining weight. Increasing demand of jewellery, with several big groups interested in acquiring jewellery companies. While top brands are struggling in Europe (due to domestic customers loss), accessible luxury is gaining weight and new followers. Figures for online shopping are going to increase at 35% every year for the next future, even if currently online sales only represent 5% of the global business.
“TRAINING LUXURY” is specialized in training programs aimed to achieve excellent customer experience and business development. For us ” Training Luxury” means to prepare people in the retail and service areas to exceed customer expectations, both external and internal. Leadership and Management Training, Luxury Sales Training and Retail Management. Coaching and organizational consulting at interantional level.



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