Makeup Trends We’re Ditching in 2015

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Beauty gurus be like
Top 10 trends youtube has exploited:

2015 is coming near, let’s leave some of these trends where they came from!

Original video idea is from EJ Speaks, be sure to check her out she’s hilarious!

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Thanks Huffington Post for the feature!

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Makeup tutorial for this look HERE

Makeupgeek – my FAVE inexpensive eyeshadows and pigments

Makeup I’m wearing in this video

LIPS | Colourpop BFF 3 lip pencil
OCC Melange lip tar
Colourpop Frida lippie Stix

FACE | Estee Lauder doublewear foundation in sandalwood
Milani berry amore blush
Bobbi Brown bronze glow highlighting powder
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW40
LA Girl Pro Concealer in warm honey
Anastasia dip brow pomade in chocolate

EYES | Urban Decay Naked Basics palette
Makeupgeek pigment in Nightlife
Diorshow Mascara
Mally Beauty volumizing mascara
Magnolia Makeup Cathedral glitter

My Eyebrow Tutorial
“No Makeup” Makeup Tutorial
Makeup for Hooded Eyes

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Phil 4:13


Jackie Aina says:

Some of you guys’ comments are funnier than the video lmao

Jackie Aina says:

To everyone who seems to think this video is of me laughing AT people and
not WITH them…

Please rewatch the first 60 seconds!!! Repeat 🙂 

Stone Abbinett says:

I love that you basically go from Tyra to Shangela every 13 seconds in this

La Merveille says:

I’ve seen this WAAAAYY too many times

Iman Al Kole says:

You kind of look and sound like Kelly Rowland :)

danarae4 says:

The secretary at my job wears HUGE bat wing eyelashes DAILY. She glues them
on with HAIR glue and they’re always hanging on with a drunkard slant. Like
she did them after drinking a bottle of Crown Royal. I can’t….
It literally takes the power of Sweet Baby Christmas Jesus for me not to
rip them off every day. Adult Jesus take the wheel…

fallbackin16 says:


Jennifer Ark says:

My real hair is down to my butt… Do we need to talk?

My Natural Sistas says:

Hilarious!!! Loved it!!!

Janet Osuji says:

You look like Kelly Roland

Jalema says:

This is the first video of yours I’ve seen, and I really enjoyed it.
Seriously, dark girls need to stop bleaching, and pale girls need to stop
damaging their skin in tanning beds. All skin tones can be beautiful. Lets
all just be happy with the skin we’re given!

Jordan Meyer says:

I just need to know how a white girl like me with a small head can pull off
a wig without looking like an Afghan hound?? They don’t look real on me! :(

LoveMelisaMichelle says:

Bahahahaha yaaaaaaaaas

StudioMallory says:

I watch a lot of Kpop videos so I’m used to dudes wearing makeup.

Darling Dandelion says:

Literally just fell in love w you and your channel 

Karina Huang says:

Somehow, at 1:21, I heard “bill nye banana powder.” Still not sure what she
actually said…

sKebess says:

Sooo much make up… I’m very glad not to be a woman.
I literally wake up, wear cloths and get out, and not even always in that

Sarah Rossi says:

You are truly hilarious . I loved what you had to say in this video. Keep
up the great work girl!!! 

Camixlove64 says:

you forgot beyonce references DX like yeah shes beautiful and alll but some
of yall be treating her like a god or something js

Asian Beauty Secrets says:

LOL!!! U r so gorgeous and hilarious!!! xx

30plussome says:

Holy shit you are hilarious …and now my new girl crush …which I mean in
the most hetero way ever …. thank you for this video…. SOOOO freaking
necessary …. I spit out my water when you were brushing your brows with a
hair brush …so damn you for that …but so worth it…. !!!

Shanee Brown says:

Exactly I was born with full beautiful lips. But hey some people want them
as well lol let the kids play haha. Love this love

CillasMakeup88 says:

Ahahahahah when you start brushing your falsies lmao!!!

Gena Torres says:

like that fake ass hair in your head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bayleebond says:

How about we just ditch makeup 

Meow Simmer says:

Your makeup is very pretty ×∆× this video made me laugh my ass off, awsome
video ! ;)

Jacklyn Gamboa says:

I knew I wasn’t the only thinking dark brows aren’t in anymore

Love, Laughter & Luxe says:

We are brand new to your channel and now you are MY (Gabby) favourite
channel. This is the funniest and so true to form video I’ve EVER seen.
LOVE THIS!!! Dying!!!!! LOL!!! Can’t wait to watch more on your channel.
You are a classic beauty. xoxo

Nazhia purpleprince says:

Stay natural with real hair no fake eye lashes not so much mak_up about
honestly what is it with fake hair a black woman with straight hair it’s
ridiculous ur lookin better with ur hair. If men say :” you r beautiful ”
tell him wait I m gonna take all the fake hair nails eyes colors eye
lashes… and make-up u tell me if I’m still hot

Green Edge says:

I have super long hair (rapunzel waves(?)), and it’s not because it would
be trendy. I always had really long hair and never even knew that it was
trendy, lol

Oluja Vuk says:

You still managed to look really pretty during like every section of this,

jazmine mcleod says:

Wait! For the weave going to the length of your butt, does it count if it’s
natural? °_°

Andree Carmelita says:

LOL… That was one of my pet peeves though eyeshadow with no foundation
and lipstick especially a bold dark lip or a bright lip with no makeup
…seriously like where are you going??

zohar radnor says:

ok i love it i didn’t like the consept at first BUT THIS IS JESUS

Dara R. says:

OMG yes it pisses me off when makeup brands on instagram don’t feature any
WOC. And if they do it’s always the same person or a lightskin Black woman
or Asian. Then if I look at tagged photos or hashtags of the brand in
question there are dark skinned women using their products. Like you know
damn well you see them, feature them! Sick of WOC always being excluded. 

Marleigh Anne says:

I contour everyday because I have really short hair and my face shape can
be a bit manish at times… but I don’t pile it on. I think that any makeup
in moderation is good.

chantel hernandez says:


Dizzy Fizzy says:

you’re gorgeous and hilarious ((:

Styles Garcia says:

Love this!!!

Centerria Wright says:

I can’t sis… lol

Kristen Marie says:

How have I never seen yr channel before?! LOVED this, completely agree w/
over the top eyebrows, contour, & overdrawn lips. Yr seriously hilarious &
I hope u do lots more vids like this :o)

Clasix015 says:

Omg!! This is too funny cause she’ right. #Truth

PopTartz says:

you seem like a really cool, funny person

Zuly Santiago says:

lol you’re hilarious! Why I have I never heard of you? Just Subscribed!

caren martinez says:

Talking about bleach skin am mexican and i find the color brown and black
the best color i dont find ugly.

Mattie CT says:

wait do people really bleach there skin ?!?!?!?

Mahum Habeeb says:

Girl you are my new fav youtuber! ❤️

c0us1nit says:

im so mad you started brushing your lashes with a hair brush, lmao!

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