New Dodge Charger SRT8, 2016 Aston Martin DB9, Google Auto Link – Fast Lane Daily

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The Dodge Charger SRT8 is going to share an engine with its brother the Challenger HellCat! Google wants to battle Apple’s CarPlay system with their own AutoLink, the SSC Tuatara Supercar is heading for production, and Aston Martin has some big plans for their new DB9! Plus, it’s humpday which also means Friendsday Wednesday! That and more all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!

Pig jumping out of truck:

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FastLaneDaily says:

Take a break from watching the #FIFA #WorldCup and check out a Fresh new
Fast Lane Daily!

Today we talk:

– New #Dodge #Charger #SRT8!
– 2016 #AstonMartin DB9.
– #Google Auto Link.
– Plus it’s Friendsday Wednesday!

brandon switzer says:

I hope the pig escaped not because I have a problem with eating meat, but
because that pig earned his freedom.

TandemDawgBMG says:

At least Google asks for the info. Apple just takes it all once you agree
to any of their “policies.”

silver350z94 says:

The new charger looks like a dodge fart. Idk i am not really feeling it
maybe if it was manual.

TacoSeniour says:

Can’t wait for that DB9! And V12 Vantage.

nigmosh65 says:

GOOGLE. Probably because I am an android guy with an HTC One.

sorooshusa says:

Apple sucks.
Derek D. you are so fucking wrong. Apple is the bully and everyone who is
worthy knows that. worthy meaning educated. how else would you add and
remove music to your apple device if itunes isnt shoved up your ass? why
dont you just stick with automotive news industry and leave the computer
science KB to us. and again
Apple sucks.

JoshTC2 says:

GOOGLE AUTOLINK. but apple’s will probably be more simple and

bfchang says:

the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT8: The official car of MEN’S RIGHTS activists.

allen josef la says:

I don’t like Aston using Merc’s engines doesn’t feel right

David Michaels says:

God are you annoying. And that is the silliest haircut I’ve seen in a long
time. I hope it was free.

David Lawman says:

Wish they let you choose.

Flo Shaban says:

Google Carplay obviously. 

bananapooptime says:

Oh…so Derek D is slick when it comes to the Heat, huh? Well thats cool
man. Didnt know you were a Spurs fan being that youre from Jersey and all.
Oh wait…that probably just means youre a hater. I expected more from you
Derek D…

De Prins Van Mokum says:

Since I have an android phone, I’m quite exited to see what google has

TheGamingCrysis says:

That pig looked messed up at that. Like holy hell that pig is a freaking g!
If I jumped out of a moving truck like that SPLAT everywhere! Anyway great


This guy is the definition of a tool. Here I thought I was watching a car
video and really it’s a 35 year old guy stuck in 10th grade

jab23702 says:

I STILL use my Yahoo account for YouTube. I mean I made it before Google
bought YouTube but I can still sign in perfectly fine. But yeah I use
Google for everything else

Raditram says:

pig was like, I ain’t turnin into bacon, bye2 fellas

Miguel Cedeno says:

Derek D is awesome but if he converts to the world of Google, he will
understand that it is love and it is life….
If anything Apple makes the user conform to their services restricting them
from having the liberty to choose. This is Merrccuhh!!, land of freedom.
Lets learn from that pig.

Brian Oh says:

Google is ALWAYSSSS better!!!!
Apple’s gonna rot

Dominik MJ says:

Oh Derek – what do you think about sheep? These are sheep [you know, the
animal, which comes out, when it survives all lamb chop cravings].

Unkwon Malaysian Guy says:

Hello mother trucker ahahaha

MidEnginedSedan says:

Woah there Derek D. You’re a pretty knowledgeable guy about cars, and you
seem to be tech savvy. But in terms of the technology industry, you really
need to meet my friend Jack, because it’s obvious that you just don’t know

My suggestion to you Derek D, on matters relating to computers and other
electronic devices, is to keep your mouth shut. “Even a fool is considered
wise when he holds his peace”.

Cuseball121 says:

Not a fan of Aston replacing the Ford V12 with an AMG V12. I love the sound
of the Ford V12.

Hedser Wijbenga says:

That pig is not okay, you can see his leg is broken, not a funny video

mgmcd1 says:

Heeeeeere’s Diddly!!!! (there at the end doing your Jack Nicholson)

Josh 636 says:

Can ANYONE send me a link to that hilarious vid clip @ 5:17 round there
with the cows lol

Alex Mason says:

That pig video is horrible. Wish I didn’t watch that. 

generalshenanigans15 says:

Looks like sheep 

tmh44 says:

Link to the cows riding on the motorcycle??? That was one of the funniest
things I’ve seen in a LONG time.

Xenoni says:

Dear Derek, please stay out of the Apple/Google debate. “I always had
iphones, never had problem with the system” doesn’t really make it the
best. I always had Toyota, never had mechanical problems doesn’t make them
better than BMW…I suggest using the latest of the two before judging…
this comment coming from an x-iphone owner… 

NZsarge1 says:

Apple is just fine thank-you, y’all can take your phablet’s and go away, if
you don’t have anything decent and relevant to add just don’t comment at

Steven Bourque says:


Tom Gwozdz says:

Google Autolink because anything Apple puts out will be too locked down and
force you to pay for every little thing. Google provides freedom of choice
without a price tag around every corner.

Hasham Hanif says:

When do you expect Dodge to announce the Charger 2015 SRT8?

Dr. Bananable Lector says:

Those were two shaves sheep

Alexander Presslie says:

Hey FLD watch for your clip of the pig it has been taken down due to
copyright :(

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