Outlook on 2015 Global Trends

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The Outlook on the Global Agenda 2015 provides a top-of-mind perspective from the World Economic Forum’s Global Knowledge Networks on the major trends, regional challenges and emerging issues that will shape the world in the coming 12-18 months.

In this debate, experts from the Global Agenda Councils discuss and analyse the findings of the Outlook on the Global Agenda 2015.

• Rola A. Dashti, Chairman, FARO International, Kuwait; Global Agenda Council on the Middle East and North Africa
• Majid Jafar, Chief Executive Officer, Crescent Petroleum, United Arab Emirates; Global Agenda Council on the Middle East and North Africa
• Amina Mohammed, Assistant Secretary-General and Special Adviser on Post-2015 Development Planning, United Nations, New York; Global Agenda Council on Sustainable Development
• Adam Posen, President, Peterson Institute for International Economics, USA; Global Agenda Council on Global Economic Imbalances
• Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia (2007-2010 and 2013); Global Agenda Council on China

Moderated by
• Nadine Hani, Senior Presenter, Al Arabiya News Channel, United Arab Emirates


Ante Lauc says:

For me the fundamental question is how to develop moral, intellectual, and
social capital, briefly Human capital. Without more honesty, more
knowledge, and more team spirit, we can not exit from economic and
political current problems.
Will we focus ourselves to these issues?
Why are less honest and less knowledgeable much better self-organized than
the persons with warm hearts and smart minds?

Takahiro Matsumoto says:

The arab nation must in the future day just totally crack petroleum to
produce hydrogen and carbon. Use Hydrogen to vehicle and carbon to produce
steel. Water is so precious that you are wasting just for driving. Think
about this and we will happy to solve two problems. Pollution with
petroleum and water shortage. 

Rob Chillem says:

There we go folks , 28:25 Watch him slip up and mention the International
Governance then he fumbles and changes it to International Organisation,
the best bit is nobody says anything lol.

What they forgot to talk about was, the fact our international monetary
policies are all owned and controlled by a handful of secretive families ”
Power corrupts ; Absolute power Absolutely corrupts”…… these economic
issues are all based off monetary policy, the only way to fix these
problems is to take back ownership of our money, our monetary policies. A
quote from Thomas Jefferson “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from
time to time with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants”

Economic crisis are all created by ‘enormous credit expansion and finally
an even greater credit contraction where there is no new money to pay for
the old money.
Lastly I would like to repeat a quote From Albert Einstein which I think is
related to these financial systems that we have now i.e. Derivatives.

“The most powerful force in the world….. Compound

Albert Einsein,

awelker Abdlkader says:

Outlook on 2015 Global Trends: http://youtu.be/jLcJRd3GP_I

Cheng Ming Yu says:

Talk, talk, talk, talk, blah, blah, blah….

So how about action? Year in, Year out. We keep hearing the same problems
over and over again by these so-called ‘elite of thinkers’

But again, nothing gets done.

P.S And Rudd, please stop demonising China. Your country depends on China’s

TheStonesQT93 says:

The American dude is a bit of a tw*t. Seriously, the Arab world is not
globalized? They need more foreign investors? Who does he thinks is
investing in Dubai’s infrastructure and real estate? In Libya’s gas? In
Iraqi oil? Where does he think most of the Arab youths are? In a tent? We
are all over the world trying to use our qualifications to make ends meet.
Anyway, he’s not the only dumb one, they are all.

Kevin Thomas says:

Access to education and wealth is paramount to a civilized and free
society .Discussions and that blame the victim are
counter productive. he extended access to opportunity will confirm the
issue of demand for talent s and skills.

Mike Skowronek says:
Nelson Pung says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

♔ HaroldsCat ♔ iron paw says:

what a pack of monkees

Alessandro Menezes says:
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Henry Capital says:

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