Tech Trends 2015 The fusion of business and IT

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Tech Trends 2015 The fusion of business and IT. Author: Deloitte United States. Download from SlideShare ➞

In our sixth annual Technology Trends report, we outline eight trends that could potentially disrupt the way businesses engage their customers, how work gets done, and how markets and industries evolve.
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2. Bridging business and technology, new CxO roles, and the possibilities of tomorrow with the realities of today.
5. Integration as a discipline, exposing core assets for reuse, growth, and innovation.
7. Clarify strategy: clearly define the intention, value, and audience of the API Establish ownership: placing effort under an IT executive can simplify the path forward Embrace the necessities: evaluate the available tools, platforms, and integration possibilities WHERE DO YOU START? Plan big, start small: businesses should balance payoff with added complexity See it through: drive a sustained campaign for awareness and support, while keeping ongoing documentation and maintenance needs in mind Cyber risk considerations should be at the heart of API strategies. An API built with security in mind can be a more solid cornerstone of every application it enables; done poorly, it can multiply application risks. New controls and tools are likely necessary to protect unbounded potential use cases while providing end-to-end effectiveness.
8. Harnessing the real potential of the Internet of Things.
10. Beware fragmentation: compelling use cases will require cross- organizational collaboration Stay on target: avoid distractions from exciting new technologies by starting with concrete business outcome User first: usability should guide implementation, even if the solution is automated WHERE DO YOU START? Network: don’t lose sight of the importance of connectivity, especially for items outside of established facilities Stand by for standards: IoT standards will continue to evolve, but don’t wait to invest until standards are finalized, help shape them New security risks are embedded in each layer of IoT: sensors, networks, integrations, rules engines, people, and processes. IT leaders should be extra cautious when scenarios move from signal detection to actuation. Consider cyber logistics before placing new objects into the IT environment and take a broad approach to proactive risk management.
11. Modern marketing brings new challenges in customer engagement, connectivity, data, and insight.
14. The entire operating environment —server, storage, and network— can now be virtualized and automated.
15. The entire operating environment can now be virtualized and automated, elevating infrastructure investments from costs to competitive differentiators • Savings come from retirement of gear, shrinking of data center footprints, and lowering of recurring maintenance costs • And it’s not just about the cloud; it’s about removing constraints and being a platform for growth • First movers will likely benefit from greater efficiencies and eventually reshape how their companies work Amerisource Bergen eBay Acxiom
17. Replatforming, architecting, and revitalizing IT at the heart of the business.

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