The Most Powerful Cadillac Ever: The 2016 CTS-V

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Designed for speed, the 2016 CTS-V will be Cadillac’s fastest production car.
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If there were any doubts that Cadillac should be counted among the most elite high-performance luxury car brands, the new 2016 CTS-V should put them to rest.

The third-generation CTS-V, which debuts at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show in January, is the most powerful sedan in Cadillac history, launching from zero to 60 mph in 3.7 thrilling seconds and joining a small club of high-performance cars that can hit 200 miles per hour or better.

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ev perry says:

Ok. I’m 40. For the first time in my life, American cars are leading the
charge. I love this car.

Jason W says:

I’m a little confused, How can they come out with a 2016 Cadillac in 2014?
Why would you not call it a 2015 when its not even 2015 yet… We are no
where near 2016 and they have a 2016 Cadillac, very confusing to me. Anyone
able to explain?

Tom Stoughton says:

a beautiful vehicle, but I cant stand how many times he says, “uh”, it is
so unprofessional and just makes it sound like he is winging this walk
around product demo. its sad really talking about basically a 4 door
domestic super car and the only things that I find that capture my
attention are the horsrepower at 640 and ft/lb of 630, the 6.2l
supercharged v8 0-60 3.7 seconds NICE BRIAN… NICE… Maybe in the future
don’t say uh so much. it sounds like you are guessing and don’t have
complete faith or trust in the beautiful vehicle you helped design… (im
not a professional anything, I sold cars for 5 years… fords.. and I hate
fords, I have owned Cadillac deville and Cadillac sts, I currently own
Cadillac escalade, I love the upper class of GM from the chevy Silverado ss
to the Pontiac Bonneville ssei, which I have owned both, I love GM cars,
and someone with the title of design manager, should never use the phrase
Uh in any sentence, unless it involves his lunch restaurant plans….
that’s all) other than my issue with Brians vocabulary I love this car and
I will own one hopefully in uh, some time uh pretty soon, maybe not soon
but once the depreciation is ate by someone who doesn’t care someone like
me will be there to scoop up your beautiful trade in an a couple years…

YouDontWannaFightMe says:

I don’t give a shit unless this comes with a 6-speed manual

bench175 says:

ATS-V looks so much better. All I see is a huge teddy bear nose on the
front of this car.

James Mitchell says:

Why does anyone need to go 200mph anywhere? Where can you go 200mph
legally? Pure stupidity!

Le'Quonne Curry says:

is it just me or did the host look as if he had one too many nights of
binge drinking and cocaine usage? JK great video though. Looking forward
to seeing what the CTSV can do against the big Euro brands

kowkicker1 says:

I like the old Cadillac emblem (badge) better. 

bob roger says:

Americans make good performance car but they always had that one weakness
which is Luxury. This might be as good as its rival, the E63 amg, but the
interior is uncomparable. Its bearly comparable to the base C class.

Punjabi Gabru says:

50 pounds of downforce? Seems wrong. Should be a lot more than that at 150
miles per hour. 

Keith H says:

Buy the car cause you like and can afford it or not. Stop complaining. It’s
a car not your wife. This particular segment is all impractical. So what.
Don’t like it. By a prius, a kia, or a sonic. 

Alex Smith says:

I love the car but, fuck this guy is NOT a prepared to speak publicly. His
entire presentation is full of “uhh”, stuttered speech, awkward pauses and
he seems generally unsure of what he is talking about. I could present this
car better than him and this guy probably makes like 3 – 4X what I make.
Love your cars GM but, this doesn’t look well for the brand. If you want a
competent employee that won’t embarrass you publicly, I’m willing to

Supertomiman says:

I think it’s safe to say that Cadillac has replaced Lexus as the closest
competitor to the German luxury cars. In fact I’d dare to say that if it
wasn’t for their terrible infotainment system (Cadillac CUE) they’d be on
par with BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. At least in comparable cars, which means
not taking into account the larger variety of models that the Germans
offer. Buick, Lincoln, and Chrysler are also looking increasingly better,
better than Infinity and Acura (except the NSX) in my opinion, though not
even close to Lexus yet.

clark kent says:

Charger is better! 

Macc Brougham says:

That’s a bad bitch right there!! 640hp out the box…i’d like to see what
Hennessey has in store for it.. could def see this smoking a Charger
hellcat or challenger hellcat with the right mods. ….. I need one so my
Fleetwood has company.

Howzyer Bippy says:

in 1955 Cad was the fastest 1/4 mile off the show room floor car you could
buy despite all the weight

Dylan Balcome says:

People hate and hate and hate but this will still be an amazing car. And
the best value in the market. Manufacturers claims are usually
conservative. The 0-60 will probably fall below 3.7s. And that power is
really gonna shine at higher speeds where the current competition won’t be
keeping up as well. If the Germans want to win me over, bring back the

Eric Haley says:

People comparing this car to the hellcat are just plain ignorant. And you
know zero about cars,plain and simple.the Cadillac CTSV competition isn’t
with the trash junk cars like the time,you should do your
research and educate yourself. Same thing with the corvette people
who are dick riding the hellcat are uneducated.those redneck cars aren’t
even close to the league as a CTSV or Z06. 

Joe Black says:

there are some real geniuses commenting below. read at your own risk.

stan donald says:

Death Car. sorry for the first res ponders who have to mop the fountain of
blood and guts when this car kills. 

Ryan Jung says:

Why dont they make this car with and AWD option so you can get some low
speed usable power. Its liek a luxury sport sedan that is hard to drive in
the winter even with snow tires. Plus that much torque and power in a price
point in which any idiot could buy it and kill someone. Plus imagine how
much faster it would be off the line. Sure you add weight and drive train
loss but i mean like 600 hp is 600 hp lol. I understand half the run is the
RWD and there are many capable drivers out there. Plus some people just
dont liek RWD. So thats why it should be an option not a requirement. 

Jerry Summers says:

Just reading all of these bullshit classroom theory students giving their
lectures. You wanna lecture, go have some kids and tell them your
nonsense so they can’t stand and hate you by the time their 12 because they
know better. And all these speed haters, I wonder why all these police
departments are getting Dodge chargers and have had big V8 interceptors
when you consider they are just wasting a ton of gas just cruising around
doing nothing. It’s a power trip and you know what, I might want to be
able to share in the same feeling some 40K a year rookie with a attitude
problem gets. And I might like the fact that I can outrun the SOB if I so
choose…..Power to the people.

Ro Stanton says:

Luv this caddy. The charger hellcat is just a heavy car with a bunch of
power. But the cts v is far more sophisticated and technical in its
designed. This new cts v will run circles around the charger hellcat
without breaking a sweat.Lol 

Cadillac CTS says:

Designed for speed, the 2016 #CTS-V will be Cadillac’s fastest production

Daniel Sadjadian says:

Nice an American which is genuinely nice for once. I look forward to
hearing the V8 roar this car makes.

C.E. Brown says:

I am so down for one of these. Wow

Adam Farkas says:

This car is nothing compared to bow audi or Benz. However it is a beautiful
car. Way better than the 600bhp corvette it’s all plastic for 50+k 

Cavalier Thompson says:

I see people already talking bout tha Hellcat Charger smoking this
Caddie…… don’t kno what world y’all live in but tha hellcat can’t
handle its own power, what makes u think its gonna smoke this???? GM is
owning track cars right now n NOBODY domestic is remotely close to them in
that category lol, Y’all funny as hell cuz If u think a drag race is gonna
settle it ur just stupid or don’t watch video’s

bullet5760 says:

I personally feell all high performance cadillacs today fail in comparison
to the cadillac cein. The body style of this cts-v is a let down it doesn’t
look aerodynamic and it they focused more on aerodynamics the car would
perform better a perfect example is the camaro z/28 compared to its zl1
counter part. The car needs more carbon fiber to make it lighter to
increase its acceleration and top end.

Bono Verkaik says:

Don’t talk, just start the car !!!!!! :)

Michael Gutierrez says:

God Bless America.

Yukon Silvermoon says:

Blah blah blah American. Blah blah blah European. Blah blah Germany.
Blah blah continental pride. 

Michael O'Keefe says:

Cadillac Muscle Car FTW!

kbowiing58 says:

The 2016 ATS V with a twin turbo V6/455 HP is rated 0-60/3.9 seconds!
Either the CTS V is much heavier or Cadillac is fudging the numbers.

Jason S says:

I see you euro boys still have your heads up your asses as usual, and your
blindfolds on. You guys are a funny bunch living in some fantasy land
circle jerking each

dantevelez531dv says:

Where’s the GTR fanboys at? They just love putting their noises in
everything lol.

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