Trends in Business Analytics

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In his presentation “Trends in Business Analytics”, Colin White (Founder, BI Research) will explore the impact that trends such as analytic RDBMSes, Hadoop and MapReduce, the NoSQL movement, smarter and real-time analytics, and self-service business intelligence will have on businesses. He will also examine the ways these trends can be used to extend existing business analytics infrastructure to enable businesses to reach new levels of innovation.


Hemanth Rajesh says:

During the evaluation of Information technology (for the past 5 decades),
the data used/maintained by larger organizations is in Peta bytes… No
wonder if the data being used will be exabytes soon.. Handling such huge
data with both structured and unstructured will be the only factor that
would help the organizations to take the decisions and be in competitive
edge…. I personally feel, Decision making = Business Analytics… 

Motasam Tagelnaar says:

love it

Kunal Aggarwal says:
Giridhara Prasad says:

Informative. Thanks for sharing the video.

TheNetzbewohner says:

Thank you Colin, I found the last few slides very inspiring! My brain
started to generate new connections between things and I got lots of ideas
now to work through 🙂

TheIndianAnalyst says:

Great Vedio. Thank You.

Saptarshi Nag says:

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Sabari Ram says:

if i were to do a business analytic course as my bachelors, where would it
lead me?

psycofoxxx says:

Thanks… extremely clear presentation!

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