Web Design Trends 2015 – Google’s Material Design

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Let’s take a look at Google’s Material Design.


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Joseph Dyer says:

Haha, I used to have that desktop background – from interface lift ;)

Code The Web says:
zaid Kelanie says:

thank you )

Joe Methven says:

Also they should totally make that facebook one a thing, it looks so much
better than their current

Dwain Oneal says:

I really like your videos they help good job. :)

Joe Methven says:

I’m happy google’s logo is flat, their old one makes me cringe haha

Mia Anderson says:

Thank you for taking the time to put up these videos. They are a big help.
I was watching the series on building a portfolio website, but now it says
they are private. What happened?

awesomeoverawesome says:

Noice, I love this series!

t-dolla says:

Youtube design looked so sweet

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