225 Business Ideas for Women

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An innovative and informative guide specifically for entrepreneurial women. If you are contemplating starting your own home-based business, then this DVD is for you. Often, coming up with just the right idea for which product or service you want to be involved with can be mentally exhausting. Why recreate the wheel? Provided for you is a compilation of over 200 business ideas that you can start from your very own home with low start up costs. Some of them may feel like a perfect fit for you. Remember, it only takes one to have the success you’ve always dreamed of.

225 Business Ideas for Women provides a plethora of great practical ideas for women wishing to start their own business. The ideas are simple, so anyone can go into business for themselves. 225 Business Ideas for Women presents the ideas in an easy and relaxing format accompanied by a great soundtrack. Follow along as over 200 business ideas are presented to you to stimulate your creative juices. Order your copy today on Ebay.com. FREE SHIPPING (U.S. only). Or visit www.acsmediagroup.webs.com to order.

Length: 58:00 minutes
Format: DVD-R NTSC
Release Date: 4-27-12


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