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Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy my fashion video for “average” size girls. I had so much fun taping this for you! PLEASE be happy with YOU no matter your size- all that matters is that you are healthy and happy 🙂 XOXO
– Sweater: Target
– Jeans: NYDJ http://rstyle.me/n/q6it98jbe
– Vest: Guess http://rstyle.me/~2IJyH
– Boots: Target
– Purse: Balenciaga http://rstyle.me/n/q6gid8jbe

– Skirt: Bebe http://rstyle.me/n/n6axh8jbe
– Blouse: Bebe http://rstyle.me/~2tVUX
– Shoes: Calvin Klein http://rstyle.me/~2tVY7
– Necklace: Charming Charlies

– Leggings: BCBG http://rstyle.me/n/pz5n68jbe
– Shirt: Khols
– Blazer: Free People
– Booties: BCBG http://rstyle.me/~2IJML
– Purse: Coach

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astaliini says:

I’m sorry but surely Marlena isn’t average size?:/ I’ve always thought of
myself as average size because I’m not very big nor am I skinny (US size 8)
… I’m a little worried if this is an “average” size in the US.

laceyunderall22 says:

Question: which is Marlena’s greater asset: her inner or outer beauty

Answer: it’s a tie!!!

I love you and everything you bring to the world.


Morita LuvsMakeup says:

Love your outfits!! You are an epitome of “beautiful”! Beautiful woman,
beautiful face, beautiful makeup colors, beautiful surroundings, beautiful
clothes, beautiful prices for your makeup lol, …. I’m being silly.
Thanks for sharing!

BeautyJunki101 says:

LOVE the last outfit! And pretty sure I need to make a trip to target for
those boots! Where did you get the top in the last outfit? I didn’t see it
mentioned….Thanks! Awesome lookbook luv!! 

Jason O'Connell says:

Why do women and girls get to wear all the best clothes? Men and boys
stuff is so boring! You look great in outfit 2 and 3! I’m so jelly! :)

BeeTee says:

Damn. I must be “below average” because I don’t walk around in $3000

Nazia Mahmud says:

Dear Marlena,
I have been a follower of your’s for the past one year, and since I
actually started looking after myself, and am a very big advocate of MAKEUP
After watching this video, I feel so inclined to share my thoughts. You
truly are an amazing woman, the make up tricks/skills are a only a bonus
that us fans get to learn. It is more so your approach of “looking after
yourself” and the pride you take in being yourself that is the biggest
lesson one can learn.
Yes, and beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, more so it is your
inner-beauty that catches the eye & heart.
Very well done, you have taught me the biggest lesson of life- I shall
always invest in my well being and take more pride in being who I am!!!
XO from Down-under-Australia,

cosmetica529 says:

You look beautiful! Your whole look is so polished and put together and it
just gives the impression of a successful woman. I like how you gave us
price point options that range from Target to Balenciaga lol. I’ve been
subscribed to you since you first started YouTube and…wow, you should be
so proud of all your accomplishments. Bravo!!

Roguestatus33 says:

There is this Tracey girl on here who repeatedly states that the average is
a size 7. Can we all take a second to make sure she educates herself before
she opens her mouth? A 7 is a juniors size. Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for
that size to be the average for women. There is nothing worse than someone
spreading incorrect information in the name of bringing someone else down.

Sarah Kalnajs says:

Very pretty. It’s hard to have gone from a size 6 to a 12 (health issues
same as you) and the biggest frustration is places I’ve shopped for years
and brands I love not carrying clothes large enough to fit me even though
I”m still technically the same or smaller than THE AVERAGE for women! Do
only skinny women deserve great fashion?

Thank you for showing me that you CAN wear more than leggings once a size

Beauty by Vibs says:

Wow..Marlena, you are so beautiful with all those outfits..(well no mAtter
with kind of outfits u wear, everything looks great on you.) Even if u
don’t know me, I look up to u as my big sister.:)

Tayzerfun says:

wait…. Why does it matter if Marlena is plus sized or not? Does it
really, deeply concern you in a meaningful way? What’s it matter? Come now!
Geez! Marlena dear, I don’t give 2 poops about what size is stitched into
your clothes! You can be a 2 or a 22! It doesn’t deject from how awesome,
classy, and well put-together these outfits are! You are always so on
point and look so professional! The bottom line is, the pieces go together
extremely well and you rock them with such confidence and pose! That’s
waaaay more important than what the actual size of the clothing is. It’s a
petty detail! You go rock it girl!

nedra pickens says:

I absolutely loved all the bags in this video!!! I love purses and would
give almost anything for a Coach Bag!! Lol

Tammie Weiss says:

I’m so glad that you put “average” size in the title because statistically
women in the U.S are an average size 12. I loved the outfits and the look
was in proportion to your shape and curves. Great job Marlena, big hugs for
this video…

lilymoon0f0 says:

Marlena your absolutely breath taking. This video captured not only a
beautiful sense of style but such captivating beauty of spirit. The over
the shoulder wave as slowed camera with that amazing smile caught the
beauty within. I hope that isn’t wierd for me to say but I was so
captivated by that I almost forgot it was fashion I was watching. 

lesliethiel says:

I love your second outfit. SO flattering. Did you film that in Capital
Park? Hugs. :-)

Karen Ramone00 says:

Average size girl? No, not even in the United States is that correct
statistically. I love your videos and in no way am I being rude but that’s
not average and shouldn’t be average. I’m not discriminating “over weight”
people you just have to understand that theres nothing fabulous about being
unhealthy. Everyone is beautiful regardless of size and Marlena proofs
that. Please save your ignorant comments and take a second to digest what
my point actually is. All I’m saying is that the title of her video is

Batgirl66 says:

Nice outfits. But even if I had alot of money I’d never buy a LV bag…
they are so ugly. What makes it so fashionable… I’d take my Juicy bags
over LV anyday.

MakeItUpWithSamantha says:

Love this video! Very cinematic! Marlena, you’re getting so fancy! Hehe I
love it. Get it girl. You are a total bombshell!

Gina Belanger says:

This is not average size. This is plus size. Their is nothing wrong with
it. But let’s be honest here. 

Secret Soto says:

you and i have the same body shape i love myself and love you

Domi Blanche says:

Not to be rude in any way, but… You look AMAZINGLY HOT! In my opinion,
curvy is the old and the new “bam!hot!” 🙂 +Makeup Geek
I’m curvy, too and I’m sick of hiding what I have. I don’t know which size
it is in the US but I wear a 42/44 German Sizing. I don’t think I need to
hide myself anymore. :)

Jessica N says:

Last outfit was my fave. And may I point out…. U work hard… spoil
yourself. Life is 2 short. Love u!

Remika M says:

People can argue the title of the video all they want, what was important
to me and my take away from this was DAMN this woman has STYLE!!!! I
absolutely love your outfit choices and love that you had a mix of things
that were super affordable and some bling 😉 I always have a hard time
putting together an outfit and seem to get defeated thinking I can’t wear a
certain piece because it may highlight my imperfections. But you’ve
definitely inspired me to step outside the box and really dress for my body
regardless of what I look like. As always I absolutely love your spirit,
love your makeup line (have an order on my way soon!), and love your
videos. Please keep doing them, they are so fun and inspirational 🙂 🙂 

Robin Nieto says:

I was a 4/6 when I got married. Went to a size 14 after two babies and a
hysterectomy at age 33. Three years ago I changed my diet and added more
exercise to my life, now I am a size ten. Haven’t felt this good in years.
Now I am saving up to get the Make Up Geek Eyeshadows as a reward to
myself! I don’t think you have to be skinny to be beautiful!
Marlena, you are a true beauty because your beauty comes from inside and
radiates to the outside. I hope Cocoa Bear tells you every day what a
stunningly beautiful woman your truly are. Thanks for sharing. Love your

Julia K says:

Please don’t promote this as “average”. In America, perhaps – but there is
no way that’s healthy. 

Ana Castillo says:

Marlena: Ur so awesome! Your a real person and it shows. I love the fuschia
skirt. Where did you buy it, I want one.!!

Meg SmartieAndSteveo says:

Stunning! 🙂 

MyStiQueBeauty says:

I know up here its all about being thin and skin or a size two but where am
from ( Jamaica) its really all about your curves (booty boobs thighs
everythaannnggg)!!! Lol I live in ny but in Jamaica trust me girl everybody
(guys that is) would love your shape jus pointing out that love urself cuz
what is standard in one culture is not in others. Am a size 3 but n I love
myself but what I wouldn’t give for some booty n boobies you go gurl!!!
Rock what you have 🙂 Oh yea and ur my lil inspiration on youtube av
watched you since day 1 and I still looovvveee you 🙂 Ur sweet marlene (ok
now am being cheesy) but yea av a gr8t sunday!!!

EvelinaLaBella says:

Wow I loved all your outfits ! That vest was gorgeous!! You really know how
to put your outfits together I really suck at that lol but this helped

Karin King says:

that was such a nice video posting…well done….enjoyed it very
much..good job!!

Katie Parano-Friesen says:

Marlena, you are gorgeous, and I love all these outfits! Great inspiration!
I always feel more confident and feel I gain more respect from others when
I look polished and put together like in these outfits. Did you used to
watch TLC’s What Not To Wear? I learned so much from that show.

PersianMermaid says:

Forget the outfits! That smile and that bootaaaay! 

Kawea Luv says:

In the fashion industry, yes, she is considered Plus Size, but in the real
world she’s Average! What I have an issue with is that it needs to be
mentioned (Body-acceptance!). I am more about shape than size….size is a
number, who cares! If she could do more videos- dress up an apple shaped
lady as awesomely as she would dress her hourglass/pear shape I would be
elated! And the $$$ issue is mute. You can find similar items in
lower-end/department stores! Take these looks as INSPIRATION and find
something in your budget. Jeez people.

JustMeXO says:

Thank you Marlena for this video, love these outfits! You are so
beautiful!!! You are an inspiration to me! Keep being the amazing woman you
are!!! Oh… And your Vegas lights palette… INCREDIBLE!! 

Angie86 says:

Ahhh!! I just love you! You just always put a smile on my face with your
videos, love ya!! Xoxo Angie❤️❤️

nicole corona says:

You are so gorgeous it’s killing me! Your beautiful personality shines
through in all your videos, I just love watching them. Congrats on 1
million subscribers! 

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