3 Quick & Easy DIY Gifts For Mother’s Day! | Perfect For Last Minute! ♡ 2014

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I had SO much fun filming this I LOVE filming DIYs and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did! These are 3 quick and easy DIY gifts for mothers day. They’re perfect because they’re so personalized and thought of and any mom would appreciate the effort you put into making her a gift. Show you’re mom that she’s truly the best by making her one of these DIYs and don’t forget to let me know if you’re going to be recreating one of these! Thank you for watching! xo ❤


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Things That You Need To Recreate These DIYs:

1. Personalized Mug
– A Plain Mug
– Oil Based Sharpies (Will Prevent From Fading)
– And Oven (Preheat 325-350 Degrees For 20-30 Minutes)
– Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Or Any Little Goodie

2. Acronym Frame:
– A Frame
– Scrapbook Paper
– Glue & Scissors
– Any Decorations

3. Body Scrub
– Epsom Salt Or Sea Salt
– Vanilla Or Peppermint Extract
– Vegetable Oil
– A Bowl & A Spoon
– A Jar
– Essential Oils * (Not Obligated!)


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Zarrin Ahmed says:

Why do you have to put the mug in the oven?

Sarah Love says:

My favourite was the mug but why Do we have to put it in the oven

Tyra King says:

You sound like Evelina… That’s a good thing BTW!!! Love these ideas!
Thanks so much

Sophia Amozurrutia says:

Today is my mom bday and she love it!! Thank you so much!!!

Amaya Green says:

Aww your cat looks just like mine!


THANKS SO MUCH!!!! I might even make these for Christmas… your so

Fluffy Paws says:

Can we use olive oil, or canola?

Jemma Kennedy says:

I thought the “acronym” was called an acrostic poem

stampy longnose says:

Can it be table salt

Beth Powrie says:

Have you got the cold cause you r speaking through your nose hop u don’t
have the cold xx cool vid

Trinity Prestes says:

Today is my mom’s birthday thx so much it was so helpful plz do more DIY
vids your ideas are great!!

Nicole Matevosian says:
Nutellanelly 10 says:

It sounds like you have a cold

Courtney Blackmoor says:

What gas Mark was it in the oven?? 

Abbie Mcallister says:

Why did you put a spoon on the body scrub??x

Alishba Khan says:

I love the acrostic poem frame. It’s so cute

MindyMooWooz says:

Could I add peppermint extract to the body scrub to add a good smell?

Madelyne Himes says:

How much veggie oil

Just Torie says:

What’s wrong with your voice are you sick or something?

Spiffy Channel says:

2:17-2:19 that cat ve like, “leave me alone…”

Iliana Papa says:

I am going to make the frame for my mum♥

Regina says:

Loved this video, I definitely needed some help on what to get my mom! 

Karina Barron says:

loved the frame and the mug 🙂 I may give one of those a try ^.^

Marie Schnurr says:

Heey! I received your message in my YouTube inbox and I checked out your
channel and I love the types of videos you make. I love finding new
YouTube channels to watch that relate to fashion and beauty. I am now
happily subscribed to your channel! 🙂 <3

Lubna Hayek says:

Thank you so so much im using these for something else not mothers day but
these are so so helpful thankssss 

FreesiaNuppiYo says:

I love all of em. Thanks for the ideas. And also thanks coz invite me to
visit ur channel.

Bethany IzHere! says:

These are very creative and amazing gift ideas…thanks for helping me out!

Grace Bates says:

thank you so much this was so helpful… your the bomb!

Carissa Reese says:

These are cool ideas, Andreane (: Im sue your mom will love them!

Maria Crecco says:

Such great ideas! Love this video :)

ThatBeautyXO says:

Love you DIY video 🙂 

Udhatethat says:


Makeup By Carrisa says:

Great ideas!

Andréane Labrosse says:

Let me know in the comments which one was your favourite and tag me on
instagram or twitter if you recreate on of them! (@aheartsdesires) ❤

AmericanAmigo says:

Great ideas :)

Maggie Danis says:

I love these special ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! I am going to
make my mum the mug! <3
p.s. your cat is so cute!

Fox Girl Cooki says:

Thx so much. My mom would love these. Great job! :)

Keikobabetoo says:

This was a lovely video!!! I liked the frame project the best! But they
were all fun and creative! Great job! Xoxo Hollie 

Jenna Hall says:

Does the body scrub really work??

Beatriz Pereira says:

i just subscribed to you :)

Tera! says:

Please don’t do anymore vids while you sick

kelsielee07 says:

These are such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 I would really appreciate
if you could check out my channel and maybe sub if you like what you see?

Melanie Delgado says:

I made this for my mom thank you soooo much love your channel 

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