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I decided to start my holiday videos early this year, because I’m always doing things last minute…and that gots to stop! Lol. Hopefully these videos help steer you away from procrastination!

MOST holiday gift ideas are under $10! Remember to use #weylie to show me your recreations!


Leave me a comment with what video you would like to see next! It could be anything!


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ilikeweylie says:

DIY video is now up!! WATCH IT HERE:

Ophelia Garcia says:

I know that a lot of people are on a budget and trying to save money and
when i saw this video i thought it was a nice and thoughtful video!

CathouXox Silva says:

OMG :O Wow thank you so much thats amazing and Oh my gaaawwd I loooove the
phone case :OO <3

Ophelia Garcia says:

I thought this was a nice little video to share with you guys!

Luisa Urrutia says:

im soooo doing this 

Pooky na says:

The phone case!!!! That… Phone.. Case. I always wondered how it was done
and I can’t believe how easy. Thanks~

Nayyer Dastagir says:

Someone plz tell me what daiso is im not trying to be a hater

More Sara says:

Does anyone want to be my Youtube friend?

Angelic Wooz says:

What can I use instead of caulk? 

Grace Chong says:

I used to have that cake eraser!!

Seajin Yoon says:

where do you get the lollipops 

Anja LOVE PEWDS says:

I liked that you did write the prizes on the screen! Very smart! Liked!

Alexis Ang says:

I don’t know what to get for my parents especially my dad on Christmas 

madeleine mccarthy says:

Talk Slower! Take your time! : )

QUITTING! New Channel: Starless Night64 says:

This is soo helpful! My sister is obsessed with Reece’s so I guess I’m
gonna give her some in a cute way!

Antonio C says:

I love how you put where you got it from and how much you got it for.

Caroline Molin says:

“Your parents man” XD

Cutepenguin Cupcake says:

More decoden!

Kat ZNJ says:

i want the iphonecase

Raratsch' Navi says:

can you make a video for gifts for boys?

Melissa Ng says:

Cool ideas!

Buy my stuff on trade me, really cheap right now!

Soso Summer says:

Thanks so Match! I will deffinetly try the chocolate bar

inspired harmony says:

love da hot choc one!!

TheNoodle1971 says:

You remind me of Bethany Mota (Thats a good thing!)

Rachel Guevarra says:

Where did you get the gift bag and the really cute card label?

Miyu Haguro says:

where did you get the card labels? c: 

Erica East says:

Super cute phond case

jenny Lisa says:

AWESOME VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blackheaded03 says:

Your a super clean girl!!!

Kathi C says:

I would like to see more diy cases.

Tracie Nguyen says:

Can you please do more of these 

angrykitty12 says:

more decoden yes!

Patrick Richardson says:

Not every girl wants nail polish and lipstick you Japanese bitch

ariana grande says:

She said its just about *decorating the crap out of ur phone lol *

Cynthia Haro says:

she is awesome

catherine z says:

hahhaha your parent’s man :’)

Greetje Nijborg says:


Shathuki Perera says:

I love you so much… thank you so much, i will surely try them

Kaya loves sundæ says:

Great Ones! ilysm ;*

Kristine Cuadernal says:

like it.

Sugar Bunny Waffle says:

omg i have the same erasers!

Emily Flores says:

Nice video but you talk too fast 

Nylah Pylah says:

thankyou so much this helped really really helped me

That__ Youtuber says:

sub for a sub anyone?

Silje Helena Eiden says:

I love it :)

Gabbi Marie says:

The chocolate bar with the lollypop is such a good idea! LOVE IT!
I can’t wait to film my first lot of Christmasy Videos! Looks so fun x

Jacinth Federico says:


Danielle Yang says:

love this video so thoughtful

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