DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends, Mom, Teachers, Boyfriends / birthday gifts

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Hey guys!

Today I’m going to show you guys some different DIY Gifts or DIY gift ideas that you can give to anyone from best friends, to your dad, to even your teachers. These can be DIY Gifts for Christmas, DIY Gifts for birthdays or gifts for any occasion! These may seem like they can only be for girls, but you can really customize them all to be a ” gift for him ” too.

I’m going to be showing you how to make a DIY Candy Cane Candle out of crayons, a DIY Polaroid picture album, a DIY Infinity bracelet, and a DIY wire love bracelet.

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-Love Club Instrumental – Lorde
-Red Lights – Tiësto
-Winter Wonderland – Olivia Holt
-Happy Little Pill – Casper Zazz Remix
-Dracula – Bea Miller
-Want U Back Instrumental – Cher Lloyd
– Blame – Calvin Harris ft. John Newman
-Can’t Stop Dancing – Becky G
-Treasure Instrumental – Bruno Mars
-2014 Mega-Mashup – bringmethemashup
-Neon Lights – Demi Lovato Filtercrush Remix

Camera: Canon Rebel t3i
Editing Program: iMovie 10.0

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jessiepaege says:


Hayley Williams says:


Azil Jones says:

Not trying to be mean (honest), but I think your eyebrows are drawn in a
little too thick. I’m sorry if I offend you

Reyna Hanna says:

Troye Sivan omg

Dianti Sevina says:

Hey i dont know what should i call you. But i want to call you jen! You are
super duper creative. I love the intro and i also love your creativity! May
i request a video? I want newyear reality vs ecpectation! Please! Cant wait
your next video! I love you!!!

Jewel Ng says:

The candle one I saw on Pinterest and wanted to ask u to try and I totally
forgot -.- !!!!!! In Singapore it suck to rain and I got super wet

Jennifer Nguyen says:

Whoah you can grow a monobrow

Alya Al Zaabi says:

Jen im sick too today i had to miss school just wanted you to know youre
not the only one

Miyuki Ito says:

The candy cane candle idea in the jar was genius! I’m going to have to try
that next Christmas and I’m sure all my friends’ll love it!

heyyitsnadiah says:

I think I’m gunna try the candle idea for Christmas! This is so creative,
love you x 

maya sophie says:


Sophia V says:

I would want all of them there so cool 

taifur rashid says:

How did you do the phone effect in the beginning of the video, please tell
me how to do it in iMovie !! Please tell me !! Thanks

Mariam Tajuddin says:

I love the candle and camera

Pacman 8763 says:

It sort of looks if you wave your arms like an squid. 😀 I love your
videos<3 they are so creative!!!!!!! 

crystal water says:

I would want to reaseve the camera one with pictures I don’t think I spelt
some of these words that I’m saying

NotAmazingLibby says:

wait I have a question for the candle, since you put peppermint and vanilla
into the wax, when you light it will it smell like that? 

dr3amcatcher04 says:

Hey I’m a new sub and your editing is awesome you are so talented!!! How
old are you?? So happy I found you xx 

Rahuwa Kidane says:

I loved the intro and the candle on too my friend totally loved it!!!!!!

orsi frizurai says:

What is the music that has the 0:53 do you have?

Nandy Rs says:

acting is just not your thing, stay focus in your good editing and your
diys, no hate just one more comment. 

mathusha cuddles says:

The poloroid one was s sssooo cute 

Crystal Chau says:

Just asking :))) are you Korean ? If yes thatt is really awesome!! ❤️❤️☺️☺️
I love kpop and korean ppl 

Priscille Diakiese says:

Am I the only one that got scared at the end when the music just came on.
(Or did I put my sound on loud again….

Grace Muras says:

How long does it take for the wax to dry. I love you

Kylie Marie says:

The poloroid picture one that was so adorable 

ShortyGal15 says:

What size were the photos you printed ^^

Aiyana Urja Minocha says:

Love the intro

Olivia Peters says:

How about you do a flower braid

Ikick says:

I tried the bracelet one but I cut myself because the spiral notebook is
really hard to bend even with pliers. 

Emily Baros says:

Do a Birthday present tutorial

Dana A. says:

WOWWW i would love to recive all of them!! but im gonna make the second one
to my teacher:)

Kim BerLey says:

I just did the polaroid camera for my excited to give it to him 🙂
and thanks for the idea,it turned out so nice :D

Kearstyn Price says:

The Polaroid camera one

MLP Yellowstone says:

I love the infinity bracelet! So gunna do this if a hve cord!

Swag Potato Studios says:

I thought no one else knew about Dracula by bea miller than me best song 

emilee rodriguez says:

I absolutely looove these ideas 🙂 great video jen

Jennifer Chaires says:

Polaroid Camera 

Charmaine Love says:

Of course the Polaroid photo album~

Sonakshi Dangi says:

i would like to receive the candle and the braclets.

naoko hiranuma says:

Love the intro

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