DIY Homecoming Mum | A Texas Tradition

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jaAdamariE says:

Wait so they only do these in Texas if so then yasss bc they are AWSOME. Go

Angelica Jules says:

Can you upload a tutorial on mum garters!!!

Karina Ruiz says:

If you’re a junior arent you class of 2016? Bc thats what i am 


So how did you get to stay on the person?

Fatima Douglas says:

where did you find those backings? I can’t find them anywhere :(

Amy Valle says:

i feel so connected to you right now XD Because this is my first time
making a mum and our schools have the same colors and i have some of the
same ribbons and that were both class of 2015!!! Im also from texas lol

BabyySweett says:

Okay so you glued the things on to the backing with hot glue… Did they
ever come loose or fall of??? Cause idk if I should staple them or glue

Pancakes. says:

Mums go hard at Montgomery 🙂 haha there was this one senior last year who
had well over 20 flowers! it was CRAZY!!! felt bad for her!

indiwindixo says:

I’m making mine right nowww

Laura Castillo says:

How do you attach the mum to you ? 

pinkpalstyle2k8 says:

Can u tell me all the items you used specifically. I would like to make one
but I really don’t know what to get. 

Alexandra Ross says:

I’m making one for homecoming next week on Friday. And this video would
help a lot .

Natalie Garcia says:

I’m making a mum today for homecoming and ur video is gonna really help

kiara nicole says:

I use to live in Texas!! We did mums also.

meralyn martinez says:

how much this you spend with everything ?

Flower Mitchell says:


Camila Troncoso says:


Alec Carter says:

How do you attach the string

Jayy Jennings says:

ok so on your friends mums they had a piece on their base i wanna know how
you get that on there to stay

kyiesha Johnson says:

How round is the backing that you used? And also how did you attach the mum
to you?

Aisha Santana says:

Small World ! I go to Lehman !(:

Crazyman 10 says:

very good thanks

Lola Fernandez says:

Just wanna say u did a BEAUTIFUL job on your mum. This tutorial gave me so
many ideas to make my sons garter mum, it’ll be his first

Natalia Garza says:

We’re did u by your materials

Savannah Robertson says:

My mum lit up and had a teddy bear and 4 cow bells and was almost longer
than me 

samantha gonzales says:

i live in San Antonio thank god I found this you know them Texas girls be
going all out with their mums! especiacally since its senior year!

Lanie Burnett says:

Does anyone know how are you to put lights on a mum

Victoria Ho says:

Can you get all the supplies at micheals? Even the flower mum?

victoria lopez says:

We also do this in southern oklahoma!

Iman Wilson says:

I can’t wait for next year!!!!! :)

Emma Cole says:

OMG I’m going to that high school next year. It’s a small world :)

beautymiss33 says:

CHECK OUT SATURDAY’S VIDEO! 🙂 DIY Homecoming Mum | A Texas Tradition

pikachustargirl says:

What size bored did you use like in inches

makeupbybraceface02 says:


Rachel D. says:

By moving to NC I realize mums are only found in TX and it sucks :/ I wish
I could go back, Texas always has a lot more going on.

beautybysydnie22 says:

I love making mums I live in Texas and I have one every year! And usually
only Texas people do these but it would be cool if it started in other
states! It has nothing to do with religion either it’s just if you want one
for homecoming than you can have one if not then don’t lol

Lillyana Rent says:

Omggg this is bomb. Are other states allowed to do it? And isit religious
in anyways because I am Christian

∙•❁ Sarah Edmund "Model & Actress" ❁•∙ says:

This is soo pretty! Make me one and send me one <3 :*

ashley alzaga says:

awsome what a inspiration

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