DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Courtney Lundquist

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Bibi James says:

What happens if your mum accidentally puts the “fake” tea bag in her tea ;0
LOL, love the video ;)

Stealing Beauty says:

Those are really cute. I often steer clear of these types of DIY videos
because they can be obnoxious or cheapy looking – but these are well
thought out and sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Gina Sevandi says:

That’s so cute! I really like the coupon thing and I think I’m gonna do it
for my mothers birthday, so thank you this video helped a lot!<3:D

allthingsmeg says:

This was a late Mother’s Day video

justangelinaxo says:

I would love to try the mug idea, only if I could get Sharpies here in

Ashley Reed says:

This video is a life saver. I actually wanted to hand make my mom something
this year. You have some really great ideas. 

leen seder says:

how much money is it. love the video helped a lot i am using all your ideas

yonce divine says:

I dont have a mom >:(

leen seder says:

For the tabs what are they called i want to get them off of ebay

Priyatna Yoopie says:

Awesome ideas! I think I’ll try one of them for next year’s mother’s day,
we already pass the mother’s day last month on my country. Thanks for the
ideas. And by the way, nice handwriting :D

Sumt Al-Joroh says:

Love theme… I like your ideas.. creative and helpful.. Thanks..

rose luckyin says:

I loved this so much! Thanks for helping me, Subscribed!

Hannah Carpenter says:

These are great ideas! I think I actually might use the mug idea! Thank you

Danielle Marie says:

Awesome! Think I’m gonna make the mugs!

callie deacon says:

Great video! It helped me a lot.
I used this for my moms birthday, but I guess it doesn’t matter.

sephorasgirl23 says:

omg these ideas are perfect! I am definitely trying some of them, plus you
gained a new subbie! <3

leen seder says:

sorry not tabs coupon book

Amelia Landes says:

Is that
degrees Celsius?

Meghan Kathleen says:

I have been ALL over YouTube for like 2 hours and i found your channel and
this video is the only mothers day video that helped me! Thanks :)

the lucky swift says:

Thanks so much for the idea! My mom is gonna love mother mug I made her!

Miranda Siller says:

amazing diy’s! Will totally be doing this to my mommy :3

Charlene Fajardo says:

I can’t do the mug cause I ain’t even aloud to use the oven! So instead I
might just do the coupon book

MrsRomero0223 says:

love this! you’re so creative.

ambroad09 says:

I love these ideas!! I am going to make the coupon book and mug! Perfect

Natalia L says:

This is awesome and cute ♥

Mandy Jezowski says:

I have made mugs like this a bunch of times but this still helped me with
an idea. Instead of making her the mug and giving it to her on mothers day
I bought two mugs and pens and she opened both and wrote a letter that said
we can make them together she will make me one and I will make her one! Its
great because we didnt have anything planned for today so this is an
activity we can do together today.

Miriam Munoz says:

Awesome diys!

Ron Dominiq says:

Ummm can you help today is Mother’s Day I don’t have any money 🙁 I only
have a paper a pencil pls help me to make a Mother’s Day gift

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