Don’t Go into Management Mode! – Tips for Busy Business Mums

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Today, I’m going to talk about going into “management mode”.

This might not apply to you if you are very new. This will happen typically at the place where you have a few of the key leaders there that you’re going to build your empire but you fall into what we call “A management mode”. By this, It means that you just stop recruiting. You might be reinventing the wheel, designing systems, writing up new scripts and doing this and doing that. This is really really very much a negative image. You know what, the new team members will look upon you to inspire them, to show them and lead them by example. If you yourself stop doing things and go into the management mode, they will not recruit.

One thing I want to talk about management mode is how to be a key leader. As you develop into a key leader, you should be able to pick up who are the genuine players in your team. If you have a person that’s saying that they’re doing things but not doing things. No matter how much you inspire them, how much you mentor them they’re still not doing things, my friend, that is not a true business builder. So, you need to focus on getting back to recruiting mode, get more serious people in and start building the team with people who are willing and happy to go another level. Remaining in the management mode, no recruitment, sitting on those people who are not really real leaders is going to kill your business.

My next video would be about how to recognize people’s greatness. It’s something very interesting because it’s very different from management mode. Management mode is where you say you’re not going to sit on those people who are not producing whereas for the next one, you’ll recognize those people who’ve got strong desire and you are there to help them to support them to go their journey.

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