Fall outfit ideas for Curvy girls, by a Curvy girl!

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In my intro I was by no means trying to diss or put down youtubers who are thin. I envy those girls. I put that out there because I know that not every girl who watches fashion videos is thin like those girls.

I never want a girl to have to think that because someone they idolize or admire is thin and they arn’t that they need to be thin like them. Most of those girls either work out like crazy or have been blessed with a high metabolism. If a girl like me, has not been blessed with a high metabolism it can be really hard for them to lose weight and some women might even resort to unhealthy methods.

I made this video because I am learning to accept the skin that I am in and although I am not where I want to be I will not let myself be ashamed of who I am. I am working on being a better me and that is all that matters.

My only hope is that girls like me or any girls for that matter who are always looking in the mirror and think that “im not good enough, im not thin enough” can watch this video and remember that they are beautiful no matter their size.

If your just read all that, Thank you :] I hope your having an amazing day!


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Outfit #1
Shirt- Gift, Brand: Zanana Outfitters
Cardigan- TjMaxx
Pants- Kohl’s
Scarf- Thrifted, Brand: Passport essentials
Boots- JustFab (http://www.justfab.com/)

Outfit #2
Shirt- Kohl’s
Leggings- Walmart
Cardigan- Goodwill, Brand: New York & Company
Boots- Justfab (http://www.justfab.com/)

Outfit #3
Pants- Discovery Clothing
Shirt- TjMaxx
Cardigan- Goodwill, Brand THX
Scarf- Scarves.net (http://www.scarves.net/products/patti-solid-color-pashmina.html?on=Purple+Grape)
Boots-Gift, From: Hot Topic (http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Guys/Shoes/Boots/Nana+Black+Overlay+Pole+Climber+Boot-331961.jsp)

Outfit #4
Dress- Walmart
Cardigan- Gift, From Nordstrom
Tights- Sockdreams (http://www.sockdreams.com/products/opaque-tights:7990)

First Song–
Winter Sunshine, By: Evgeny Grinko
Album: Winter Sunshine EP

Second Song–
Slammin’ (Theme), By Purple Planet Music

Third Song–
Slammin’ (Pad) By Purple Planet Music

All opinions and content are my own and this video is not sponsored in anyway. Any products bought or used were either purchased by me or gifted to me by friends or family. I DO NOT Tolerate bullying on my Youtube Channel. If you feel the need to bully me I will report you.

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denalees says:

You are really pretty and I love your hair! Shove your self esteem issues
aside, be comfortable in your own skin! Wishing you the best in 2015!

alone for ever says:

You are cute

Gleeba77 says:

You are amazing! And incredibly beautiful btw ^_^ Thanks for the video

David Gluzman says:


Starla Clayborn says:

Ainsley love the outfits and you wear them well. You are a true beauty
don’t ever forget that.

OurOwnKindOf Fairytale says:


Nepeta Fan says:

Ah! You’re so adorable! AH I CAN’T! I have the exact same body size as
yours and this really helped me out~! Thanks love! :)

JustGini says:

It’s really nice to see a YouTuber that isn’t skinny and perfect. As
someone who wants to be able to post videos like that without feeling
unconscious about the way I look it is nice that there are people like you
out there who have said ‘screw it’ and done it anyone. You are someone we
should be admiring. I’m proud to say I’m subscribed to your channel (even
though I only found it like 10 minutes ago) 

alyah queen says:

You’re so cute ❤️

Kymberlie Anne says:

Love love love the blue shirt black pants outfit on you!!!! 

ForeverLisaax3 says:

You’re so beautiful 🙂 

Fangirling So Hard says:

You are so cuuuuute, I cannot get over the fact how cute you are >.<

Ainsleyhyetower says:

I cannot respond to this comment :(@allthingsBEAUTYfulx Thanks girl :] 

Jane Pruitt says:

Whoooaaa mannn super rad. Youre gorgeous dude. So psyched seeing some
curvier girls. 😉 rock on, beauty 

muhammad noor says:

hi im sara frm my bro’s accnt i wanted to say that iv only belly fat n not
fat frm everywhere so do somethin plz

Jenna Redmond says:


Anna Maio says:

You’ve got a beautiful smile!

alan doyle says:

great outfits and love the brown boots on the second outfit

Sara Nilsson says:

Fat bitche 

Mongalz says:

Love outfit #4!!

Jennifer Omari says:

Deffinatly rocked outfit number 4

Nicole Jane says:

That colour blue in outfit #3 looks absolutely amazing on you! Trust me,
you seriously don’t need to worry about what anyone thinks because you have
beautiful curves. I also love your smile, it is soo cute!! I’ve subscribed
lovely. (: x

N Wo says:

You have the prettiest smile. Your style is fab so work it!

Mayra Aguilar says:


Simone Evans says:

You’re so beautiful like omg girl. Don’t ever stop doin’ yo thaang. You
could be super skinny and be a horrible person & vice versa and no one will
like you. Or you could be super skinny and you’re wonderful & vice versa.
But nobodys perfect . Btw LOVED outfit #3 on you. Flawless my dear (:

Marnel Gankema says:

you are very pretty , iam really young (15)but i do have curves 🙂 there
not really wised but i dont want to loose weight because i want to life a
bit haha i have people around me who love me for who iam but some times i
feel really sick of mh body when i have to go swim wiht my friends but i
see this makes me feel happy that you can look pretty without bieng really
skinny ,thank you for your video’s the make me really happy so please make
more haha
(sorry if my english sucks iam from the netherlands )

shreelaxmi1000 says:

love it! thanks!

Jo Robinson says:

Great video, thanks from a fellow curvy girl! x

Nikki Lilly says:

Love you and your channel just subscribed would love it if you subbed back
you are so super beautiful thank you very much keep in touch ! Xxx Nikki 

The Girlz Room says:

omg this video is so cute! Seriously in love(: you should check out our
channel! We could be yt friends((: haha inbox us if you want!

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