Gift Guide: Gifts for MOM

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lala g says:

You look like bethany and merell twins to me!

Jill Cimorelli says:

saving my life right now Kim <3

Megan Thompson says:

stuff like that something like that

Kei Kei Lee says:

Omg your like bethany motas double

Shea Organ says:

You look like bethany mota!

The Top Dog says:

Damn why are you so happy 

spaceydecember says:

Thanks. I’m very confused now. Think I’ll just get her a zebra print towel.
Save zebras!

Kayla Gutierrez says:

I think make snowflakes and then say love u then ur name

allie elkins says:

You are sooo smiley, I love it!

Time Flys says:

I could hear you talk and smile all day! thanks for the gift tips!

josh williamson says:

Kim, your so beautiful and gave me great ideas on what to get my mom.

Makayla Stokes says:

You are so beautiful , Oh my ! You’re blessed honey .

Humna Khalid says:

Omg. You are so cute. Keep smiling! :)

rick karras says:

Wow Ur a upbeat chirpy Lil girl ..

Nath RT says:

Keeeeeeeeeep smiling Thank u

TheGilmourGirl says:

This was very helpful!!

Alexis Cho says:

This really helped me with the gift baskets

Ruby Stary says:

These are really good ideas! 

Reina Macugay says:

You are adorable

Allen Vince Vergara says:

Brilliant. Thanks. Such a cutie.

Robert Patterson says:

You are the most basic girl I have ever seen.

Bhavika Shahani says:

Too much talking

Sprinkle of Pastel Pink says:

Thanks xx

Zoe Vaughan says:

My mom is OBSESSED with dove dark chocolate!I don’t have it to get it for
her this year because my dad bought s big box of them on Christmas

Josh Nelson says:

my mom this my mom that!

nmc2004 says:

really good advice 

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