How to Layer Clothes? Fall Fashion ideas For Layering your outfits!

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Have you seen my latest fall ootn :0


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beautybysam xo says:

almost all of those dont even match :P

Maya Su says:

Hmm these outfits don’t even match so well together and the boots you wore
in the first outfit looked too big for you 

Malia Eugene says:

I didn’t really like of the outfits. Just not my style. And what was the
point of wearing the high low top in the second outfit since u covered it
up completely other than some in the back?

Cristina Corrente says:

How to Layer Clothes? Fall Fashion ideas For Laye…:

TinkerBelle1397 says:

cute outfits!!!! Idk people are being so harsh >,>

Danny Souza says:

its easy for you, YOU’RE GORGEOUS

Long Elegant Legs says:

How to Layer Clothes? Fall Fashion ideas For Layering your outfits!

xoIxLuvxUxo says:

Jesus Christ I want you closet!

Smriti Rana says:

Love love love!!!!!!! Thank you

Micaela Vogel says:

HD my ass

Gail Gaines says:

I think you really nailed the layer look. Plus you made it look so easy…
this tutorial really helps women over 40 who have their personal summers…
lol… layering is also good for unexpected evening of events. love your
looks. keep up the good work. 

Rhonya De Leon says:

Hello Dearie Brooke’s. . This is this 2cd. video of Urs I’d checked out,
and I had to subscribe

Sarah Price says:


Annie Springate says:

Wow what a wardrobe!

CookieCrumbKid says:

lindesy from bad girls club

jamie G says:

so purdy!! thxs for de ideas!!! :)

kaitlyn Turner says:

It’s not button down its button up

199077sara says:

Can u do more of these videos i love your style plz!!!

carolina mejia says:

that fashion style tho……


Legging test?

Lhasa says:

This video is not how to match. It’s how to layer. Maybe you shouldn’t be
so derogatory towards her. I’m so sick of people looking everything they
think is wrong in someone’s video instead of seeing the main point. I
watched this video to see her ideas on layering. I read the comments and
had to comment myself because you people are so spiteful. 

buniebum says:

You are gorgeous and your body is killer!!! 

cleopatra guadian says:


Wright May says:

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buy. www. yourluxworld. co

MyStaticGuard says:

Layering is a must!

DearMsFabulous says:

Please do more outfits. Love your style.


Thank u I get plenty of ideas ♥♥♥.

urbanbeachbabe09 says:

your so prettyyyy<3 and btw to anyone reading- i'm trying to get 100
subscribers by christmas and i'm almost there so anyone that wants to help
me out then i would love you forevaaaaa(((: check out my vids too i post
very often!

Airy Daniels says:

Your closet 😮 jelly

Laura Ashton says:

Nice layers! I am so wanting a leather jacket to add to my rotation for
fall and winter!

Charlotte Choi says:

love the first look

dramafever98 says:

I like ur closet


check out a layerd look on my channel:D it’s for cold weather haha

Smriti Rana says:

Love love love!!!!!!! Thank you

lil rae says:

what does ootn mean or ootd?

Oulayphone Nakhone says:

Love it

PrincessRhea18 says:

Whoa what kinda room? Lol cute 

Flakon Hadri says:
Fashion says:

Nice advice

Jennifer Brooks says:

Thank you love!! 🙂

CandayyXbayybayyy says:

god bless you for making this video!

Emilia Banuelos says:

Omg I love your clothes ,and how u weared them 🙂

CoralIsMyColour says:

Totally loved this video! I love your style and personality and you are
gorgeous to boot 🙂

24nikkicat says:

You’re so pretty!

Jennifer Brooks says:

no just my beauty room. & where I put some of my favorite shoes/purses

199077sara says:

where did u get the first brown pair of boots u wore? i loved themmmm

Karla Merchan says:

I like your style!!!! and your room is so amazing!!!!!

Diana E says:

Cute outfits.. Hope u make more videos like this one..BTW: do u have a
video on how u get so fit! If not please make one!

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