Minecraft Xbox – Friendly Henry [113]

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Part 114 – http://youtu.be/W05Z5VD9RRw

Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

In this video I finish building my pick a pet, pet shop.

My conversation with xHodnett – http://youtu.be/m6qaMa-I8zw

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LaurenGamerGirl says:

Squid: Stampy bro pap means poop -_-
Stampy: NOOOO! it means Pick a pet >:(
Squid: NO it means poop -_-
Stampy: -_-

Matthew Ellison says:

I’m pretty sure there was a mob above you in the ceiling, and it was
following you, and then Henry tried to attack him so he followed too.



Bbb hhhggv


Coolie Sophia says:

Leeeee: Hey Stamps my bro what you doing
Stampy: Oh can’t you see
Leeeee: It’s a question
Stampy: Well
Stampy: Umm
Leeeee: Tell me!!!!
Leeeee: I have asses to destroy your world we’ll brake the stuff you made
Stampy: Oh fine I’m writing poop and pee
Leeeee: What the!!!
Stampy: I mean Pick-a-pet
Leeeee: Ohh do you mean
Leeeee: I know what it stands for Pick A Pet
Stampy: Oh what I said that
Leeeee: Hun you should have spoken
Stampy: What of course I spoken
Leeeee: Ummm you diden’t all you said was
Oh can’t you see well umm oh fine I’m writing poop and pee oh what I said
that what of course i spoken
Leeeee: That’s all you said
Stampy: oh yeah your wrie nope I said i mean pick a pet after poop and pee
Leeeee: Then why not say early I’m confused why are we recording this
Haha this is really funny

Kieran Peck says:

This new video layout looks cleaner, but da fuck? O.O

Sign Clan says:

kittycat corner crazy cow counter silly sheep shelf ghastly goohz and
googly goods pretty pig pen mooshroom moments delightful doggie domain and
the clucking chicken collectoin

Shannon Perez says:


merel van der linde says:

what for skin site did u use?

Mikaela Saban says:

Hi stampy I always like your videos with your dogs^_^

Beth Condino says:

Hey evrybody!!!!! Did you know bill gates owner of microsoft and windows
bought minecraft??! Notch still works in minecraft but bill owns it now! 

bren estolas says:

My true name is FUNNIE_BUNNIE954

Sadie Jota says:

stampy have you played crossy road

Michelene Irving says:

You are the best cat EVER! I really like your love garden. -My 5-year-old,
Rhys Irving

Harry Cousins says:

Awsome video stampy .what I thought you could build in your world was a
statube of you and Lee playing cake pigabo

Jorge Flechas says:

When squid turned into enderman it made me jump, lol

corey wallen says:

why dose squid not have a mic on 

Miguel Solis says:

Stampy remember when you got Sherbet I think I know
Why you called him like that because when you pick him he says sure my name
is Max my game tag is Kick the head 2 .

Mckayla Peters says:

Really im watching this video again scram

Jaxon Allen says:

Suppersonic speed sumnuma huma

jada's vlogs101 says:

I seid it im a boy

Ben Thorpe says:

I will give you a challenge on minecraft and the challenge is to make a sky
island that has erthing that youhave on your own world

Julianna Grizzle says:
Theresa Villarosa says:

Amy: stampy i think PAP is princess amy pnila
Stampy: Noooo its pick a pet
Amy: no its NOT
Lee: hi stampy hi amy how is it going
Stampy: its not good
Lee: Why
Stampy: amy ruined the name of the new building!
Amy: i did not!
Stampy: yes you did! You done it on purfece
Lee: you are acting like little children
Squid: hehehe!
Hit the target: hehehe time to steal some dogs muhahahaha!
Stampy: bengy huh BENGY! Come boy guys guys make a hole
Helpers: Why?
Stampy: look hit the target is back
Helpers: oh noo!
Stampy: we need to catch hit the target once and for all
Helpers: yes stampy i think we need to suprise him
Stampy: yup
Helpers we already have wepons and armors
Stampy: me too Lets fight him 3 2 1 go go go go
Helper and stampy: heya meya
Helpers: yay we did it

The end

Thanks for reading i will come with more stoies about stampys lovely world

I see you next time

George Macvie says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Cambria Lines says:

I don’t believe u could possibly ever be boring

ozcan taycur says:

Make a new room for Amy lee in your house

sj gohan says:

5:53 gavin free

Sofie Sofi says:

u scared me oh

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