Network Marketing for Stay at Home Mums – Balancing People and Sales

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Today, I’m going to talk about network marketing so you can hear the Network AND Marketing.

In my early years, I did a lot of networking. Network marketing is a business that’s rewarding you by the results. If you are going to do a lot of networking, making a lot of friends but never ask for the sale. Never share how the products and services might be able to help them and ask to get people involved. You’re never going to get paid.

Some people on the other hand, very much focus on the marketing and they forget about that network marketing is a people business. If you market and market and market without actually going into why is that your people want your services? Do people really want your services? Are they emotional reasons for people wanting your services? You’re going to face challenges.

So, you’ve got to be very good at people skills. By this I mean, you really need to learn ways to get to more people. This can be done by referral, can be done online, it can be done by going networking.

Whatever the situation is, you got to have network and marketing both. You can’t do it on just by having a network or having marketing. I’ve gone through that. I knew that if you’re going to focus just one point, you will fail.

Next time, In my challenges, I will be talking about one very common one, which is lacking discipline in doing the daily task.

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