Running Late – Quick and Easy Hairstyles

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Edited by Joey Troiano


Erin L says:

i’m curious to see what they do with their hair when they HAVE time 0_0

Khadijah Torres says:

The beanie is great except for the fact that hats (or hair coverings)
aren’t allowed in school unless they’re for religion purposes.

Nerdy Kat Graceffa says:

You can’t wear beanies at school because your not allowed to wear hats and
beanies are hats, but your other hair styles where nice.

eleventhgorgeous says:

Like this? Watch our SECOND Running Late Hairstyles Video – Running Late –
Quick and Easy Hairstyles #2

Mine Girl8 says:


Brooke McKenna says:

I have naturally curly hair so it doesn’t hold any other curl than the

Emily Tomasch says:

I have like the worst hair it’s straight with like no volume and If I even
try to curl it the curls are gone on like 5 minutes I’m not even kidding 

Jennifer Daily says:

Anyone have an idea for a straightener I should get? My hair is fluffy lol!
Plz reply I want to straighten my hair for school 

Crystal Ferris says:

All i want is a cure for cancer

Hiya it's Elena xx says:

What’s a bang? Is it a fringe?

xXxprincessjoraxXx says:

I want that curling iron so bad 🙁 it costs so much

Holly AJ says:

Running late? Haha… ok

mona rehman says:

This is what I don’t understand about girls, if you are running late then
brush you hair and tie it and go!! Why do you need to do all this? WTF!

Lainey Bug says:

My hair wont curl so i cant do the curl stuff

Britney Sao says:

I probably look like a founding father if I put my hair in a bun .
How do other girls make it work?
It’s impossible for meh to do .

Katie Anne says:

I really like all the hairstyles, and they’re all done very well, I just
don’t understand how ‘running late’ means still having time to curl your
hair. Maybe our running late days are different but I throw it in a
ponytail and I’m out the door! Haha, still a great video, I just didn’t
understand that bit 🙂 

Mia Carvalho says:

Everytime I try to a hair style from a hair tutorial, it always ends up
different and sloppy. Can someone tell me how to make my hair look better?

Emmy& Lydia says:

None worked

stephanie h says:

I wish I could afford the curler I wish you guys could gift me one because
I really want to have one and I never got to make curls and I love your

Zoey Nicole says:

how does one curl their hair when they are ‘running late’. i’m sorry, but
their videos aren’t the least bit helpful.

Abby Lank says:

I loved this video so much

Megan Fisher says:

Uhm, a LOT of these styles where up-do’s and the unfortunate people like me
who are concious about there ears where kind of screwed. Also you’re not
allowed to wear hats or anything in school (Unless you have good reason-
like religion).

HatninBeauty says:

hey! i also just uploaded my quick and easy hairstyles video so if anyones
interested please check it out! :)

jasmine sigurdson says:

Dear girl with the straight hair

You look like Rose from Doctor Who, there is an incredible resemblance
between you two.

Kïddy Ñïghtmärëß/GaMzEtTe MaKaRa says:

I’m a wolf I don’t need stupid hairstyles like this *sits down grumpily* *mom
is trying to torture me help!

Bailey Haddow says:

how is this quick

Jasmine Liron says:

I wish I had your hair!!! Both of you!!!

Darcie Ahmed says:

I wear beanies a LOT xx I wear the french braid ponytail ALL THE TIME and I
am totally going to try the sock bun xx 

Cow MOOx says:


Daisy Duke says:

I have hella thick hair and none of these work because whenever I do
braids they look short and stalky, curling or straightening my hair takes
forever and lasts all of 5 minutes, my hair isn’t even that short but looks
short since it’s curly-ish but it’s not a good looking curl if that makes
sense. Literally be thankful I’m not even good looking and never get
complainants other than a occasional outfit compliment from my friends. 

Chloe Thorn says:

What bout if u go secondary school and u r definitely not aloud to wear
beanies. Also and I y r late for secondary school and curl your hair it is
not good coz you’ve rushed it 

Hazel Moran says:

why yall complaining about not being able to wear hats or beanies .-. in my
country (singapore ) we have uniforms for school (not those Japanese cute
ones but those kinda skirt than goes right to your knee (we try to fold it
though ) and weird button up blouse and in school no makeup at all no hair
accessory that is not black no using of phones during school hours and
break time is 30-35 mins for like 7 – 8 hours of study (non stop ) 🙁 it’s
not like that in other places right? 

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