Work / Office Makeup Tutorial!

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Hi guys! This video is a work/office/job interview makeup tutorial, I hope you enjoy! OPEN FOR MORE INFO…

Hair products:
Tresemme Keratin Heat Tamer Protective Spray
Tresemme Freeze Hold Hairspray Hold 5

Makeup products:
Australis Matte Out Primer
L’Oreal True Match Foundation – W4
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Custard
NARS Pressed Powder – Beach
Milani Baked Blush – Dolce Pink
Anastasia BH Dip Brow Pomade – Blonde
MAC Paint Pot – Soft Ochre
L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow – Amber Rush
Benefit Eye Bright
Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara
Calvin Klein Lipstick – 710 Bliss


– USA/Canada: Scott Fisher at with ‘Lauren Curtis’ in the subject line
– All international enquiries (other than USA/Canada): Jill Birmingham, MAXCONNECTORS at

(Free gift when you spend $30+)

Camera I use: Canon Rebel T3i
Editing program: iMovie ’11


Miranda Robbins says:

You are so lucky to be that naturally beautiful. If I was as beautiful as
you, I would never wear makeup. Unfortunately I must wear gobs of makeup to
look at least decent. 

DermStore says:

you’re incredible!! 

Lauren Curtis says:

NEW VIDEO! Please like it if you enjoyed 🙂 x

PinkCat7455 says:

Out of all the “for work or office” makeup and hair tutorials I’ve ever
seen, I have to say yours is my favorite! And you are very beautiful, with
or without makeup.


I learn a lot everytime I watch…and that’s quite a bit. Great work. Keep
the tutorials coming! From BE BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, BE YOU!

Brinely March says:


nvr4get2laugh says:

I appreciate that this is actually a work appropriate tutorial! Many of the
“work” tutorials on here are toned down versions of what I consider going
out makeup haha and definitely are not looks I’d actually wear to work!

Ashly Casey says:

You are so adorable. I just found your channel and can’t get enough.

kaddaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

You take your hair into a bun, you already HAVE straight hair, and you are
still straightening it? Why?? I just demages your hair. 

Regina Phalenge says:

you reminds me of Anna Graceman, the teenage singer, both of you are so

Saff Davies says:

I love your videos they are amazing and useful, they help me with a lot of
tips, I would love to go to a beauty school to learn more makeup tips and
do YouTube videos.

Sarah E says:

ur so freakin pretty! with and without makeup!! 

Justcallmeraveena says:

Your lashes are absolutely perfect! Actually your whole face is beautiful.
Love watching your videos 🙂 

Jessica Davis says:

I am so envious of you that you don’t have to curl your lashes before
putting mascara on – I love you btw and I am literally on a Lauren Curtis
youtube binge.. been watching all of your videos since i discovered you
like two weeks ago.. you are getting me back into makeup again haha… not
sure if that is a good or bad thing… i love the way makeup makes me look
but i hate not being able to rub my eyes freely :/ it’s a love/hate thing
for sure… keep doing you, you’re amazing and definitely one of the best
at makeup of all time

Thalia Cordova says:

How on earth did you put on your mascara so majestically- I keep going over
that part a million times because your eyelashes are PERFECT!

Flávia Cesário says:

Linda!! :)

Heidi Steinmann says:

Lauren, do you get eyelash extensions? Or are they naturally that long? 🙂
xx they are gorgeous!

Jyotisha Patel says:

I love love love uur video! And ur accent 🙂
Awesome tutorial thanks! !

Emily Harrigan says:

Your eyelashes look fantastic in this video

ecofriendlyhippie says:

“before I straighten my hair” ??? What was it before?? Her hair is like the
definition of straight 

Arturo Siaden says:

Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube

Lauren Reeves says:

Can you do a £20 makeup challenge please :)

sara montgomery says:

you’re like a natural Barbie!

Jale kcmn says:

I just luf ya

Ashley Rouse says:

This was so easy to follow! Thank you for uploading! I needed some new
ideas for work, I work as a bridal consultant 🙂 By the way, you are

emily matthews says:

I love how Lauren laughs at all her jokes

Maxine Webb says:

Laura, how do I know which colours suit me. I’m a little older now & need
to re-think. I’m so confused if I’m warm or cool complexion & if that even
matters for blush colours etc etc thank you 

Top Amazing Pictures says:

Very Interesting!

Bellabeauty says:

I love your laugh Lauren so cute

Maria Inês Abreu Peixoto says:

Please please wich hair color/decoloration treatment do you use?! Love your
tutorials. best wishes from Portugal

Lindy van den Bosch says:

Do you have hair extensions?

rebecca lemos says:

gosh she’s gorgeous 

Emily Harrigan says:

I have that blush I love it!

Courtney Boucher says:

You kind of look like a pale/blonde Megan Fox!

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