Young entrepreneurs in Laos share their innovative business ideas

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Three young entrepreneurs in Laos describe their innovative ideas for businesses as entered in a marketplace competition co-sponsored by the World Bank. Along with nine other contestants, they went on to win seed grants of up to $5,000 and mentorship support to turn their ideas into reality. The Young Entrepreneur Marketplace competition in Laos is a key component of the STEPS program (Supporting Talent, Entrepreneurial Potential 7 Success) targeted at young people, in particular women. See more at


PRTR Executive says:

Thursday = Video-Day, Season 3 – Episode 9: “Business in Laos” – 2. Young
entrepreneurs in Laos.

lakshmi priya says:

thanks for sharing this important video!

I was really pissed off in my Job and i wanted to break free. But I did not
do how to get out of it!
But, i did 3 things
1) prayed to god every day
2) checked out many videos like this one which helped me to keep trying
3) also i implemented concepts given in “21 Entrepreneurial Habits~Free”
android app

now, within 3 months, I am out of my shittie job and i have started a
small business.i am more happy and enthusiastic now!

wildact3096 says:

This is really good and also can be a big inspiration for hesitating female
to do a business. Meanwhile, business and economics students will have a
big chance to study from those people

sapatvthai says:

good ideas

FattyFrog says:

I want to have my own business too !!! but i have no money, can you give me?

KickLoans says:

Wow, great video!!! That’s one of the reason we’re created “KickLoans”,
because we are so passionate about Youth Innovation. They have so much to
offer… but are still a very neglected niche.

FuelEfficiency says:

Go away scammer. America is becoming like a Nagerian country.

justgot123 says:

Glad to see and hear from all of these young business entrepreneur from
Laos. Is it true that the tax bracket is so high in terms of having
business in Laos. If so, it is difficult for anyone to be encourage and
motivate to do business there. Anyone ?

khia ly says:

good for lao but need money from kham tai

Jonathan Phommahaxay says:

Great job…….

alexpho says:

Makes my heart melt to hear a girl speaking Lao. Not just the language, but
that dialect that is uniquely Luang Prabang. Love it and best of luck.

Thong Phongsavan says:

Very interesting and Congratulation

ThinkStage says:

Very Motivating To see more videos about entrepreneurs and a community of
liked minded individuals visit ThinkStageDOTcom

Patrick Tan says:

I wish I can be younger.

Khamthid Phongvihan says:


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