50 Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make, Business Tip #51, Small Business Ideas, Tips & Tricks

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What is a no-strings attached offer? When is the only time you should give a no-strings attached offer? I explain it all in this video.

Join me at http://www.50mistakes.com. I’m a restaurant owner and I have made a few mistakes in the last 10 years. I wish someone told me what I am about to share on my 50 Mistakes video series. These videos are short and top the point. I still run my restaurant, but I teach other restaurant owners: restaurant marketing, restaurant operations, more restaurant business tips & restaurant staff training.


Sean Crocker says:

Try to avoid Indian customers because they never leave a tip!
A majority of my Indian customers who dine in at my restaurant, don’t leave
a tip. A small minority do leave an average tip, but my servers are lucky
to get one dollar from most Indian customers. Although many of them drive
BMWs or Mercedes Benz, giving you 14 cents will be very generous.

virginia woods says:

its hard to get in this store.why is that?

Restaurant Marketing Academy says:

Thanks Chef! Love the way you over deliver. #51 of 50.

Marcus Guiliano says:


virginia woods says:

can you guys give me a good email.face book keeps trying to block me off
their page

virginia woods says:

I do not know what you guys are trying to say.

Marcus Guiliano says:

My email is on the video as well as my website info.

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