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In this video Phil goes over 6 business ideas that you can start.

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6 Business Ideas To Start is a video to help people start a business.

I have made this to inspire and encourage people to start in business.

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I hope this helps you get started or come up with your own original business ideas to start.

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6 BUSINESS IDEAS TO START – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjnAx0orx1g
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Amy Smith says:

These are good business ideas. I will try them out.

Emmanuel Mannah says:

Good biz ideas, do you have a list of dropshipper that you can provide me.

Arafatur Rahman says:


now da ques wht will i do????

Phil Mitchell says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjnAx0orx1g #businessideas #business

Rebassed says:

I applied the scaling technique a year ago and it changed my
life,seriously. Never thought to find this in Youtube

Darren says:

Loved the video and the ideas!!!! Thank you so much!! Does anyone else here
in the comments have any other very good ideas?!

Yasir Qureshi says:

Great video…not what I was expecting, good advice, sound ideas, relevant
to 2015

Tran Tran says:

Check out this video on YouTube:loftier I,.pplli

Beau Carpenter says:

Good ideas and easy to do.

Como Cortar Cabello says:

Good ideas. There is also a HUGE opportunity starting a T-Shirt on Demand
business, I found the whole system here http://bit.ly/Start-TShirt-Business

Zac Poroa says:

seeing your idea for drop shipping was awesome……I had the same thought
of doing it myself on a small scale at home…..only problem I faced though
was a lot of wholesaler are Asian based…..I know that is not a problem
but maybe a risk a very risky one im not sure im willing to take…….do
you recommend any wholesalers that have a well known reputation or am I
being to over cautious when it comes to drop shipping from Asian
wholsalers………would love to know your thoughts…..thanks.

OBC-Start Up Consultancy says:
AnyLegalHelp | Legal Plan Identity Theft Plan Business Opportunity says:

Thank you for sharing these 6 business ideas to start. 

AISPL Store says:

Thinking of starting a new business? Here are 6 #BusinessTips that you can
start #SundayWisdom

waqas ayub gondal says:

great info

santosh thapa says:

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collect some amount of money. https://www.paidverts.com/ref/mesantomagar

cally wally says:

You really need to get to the point

awesomeaoife :3 says:

Very helpful video, and before people start being like “what the hell,
you’re a kid, why do you need a business? ” I have always been obsessed
with selling things and love maths, so adding up the V.A.T and profits etc
won’t be a problem. Also, I think it is helpful just to know that I CAN get
a job in the future instead of having no idea what to do with myself. 

Kaveri Malhotra says:

Very good ideas to start up home based businesses from home. Excellent
Video Phil Well done

Arturas online says:

I strongly believe is no point on working wasting time job when you can get
start your own business. 

biguglytrux says:

some people say “i don’t do windows”. i tell everybody ” i don’t move
household furniture”

Andrej Vrazic says:

*Business Ideas*

Árpád Fekete says:

These ideas sound realistic and reasonable, unlike some tutorials that only
promote one kind of idea that they have interest in. However, I’d still
question the point about blogging: I don’t think my blog could be
successful enough from quantitative posts (i.e. from elance, odesk, etc),
but a blogger should write his own posts (but it’s right that they can
ally). I’m still uncertain whether spending time with blogging is
economically worth it.

Craig Spencer says:

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money! https://sites.google.com/site/spinningmoneyenterprise/

Peter Qiu says:

do you want to open you own woodworking shop to making cash or establish
you own biz? , There are 16k+ !!!!!! woodworking plans for you to get it.
it is here
http:// tiny,cc/diywood

Tamika Dunaway says:

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more then face chat with me on oovoo my name’s markice 00102

L Agard says:

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Lucius Dark says:

You have such a thick cockney accent it’s hard to understand you.

Karen Jones says:

These are really great business ideas. Very practical and doable. Thanks
for this great share!

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