Auctionbandits eBay home business idea #3 – John Ellis Living Water Machine

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The John Ellis ‘Living Water Machine’ possesses the two magical qualities you should always look for in a potential eBay score – a dedicated cult following AND a high cost to purchase new. It’s the perfect combination for profit! Learn this profile well so that you’ll know it when you see it!


sritger says:

Overpriced scam. You can’t change the bond angle of water. It is always
104.5 degrees.

Brent Biddle says:

I always enjoy the educated fools that like to beat up on John. A. None of
you have had a lab like Bell Labs check you work. B. YOu don’t have any
patents to your name..they don’t hand those things out with just a
deposit. C. Science…B 12 is scam…funny medical labs, pharmaceutical
companies and individual physicians are putting patents on vitamin
therapies for disease management…all the same while saying taking
vitamins as a hoax. D. John is 85 years old and I am 6’3″ and 275 wrestler
and powerlifter and I can tell you that even today I would think twice
about picking a fight with him today…he is living testament to what he
has done in health and more particular with water science. Rave on and
Ill keep helping folks with this machine.

Chris Apao says:

I have had Johns machine for almost 20 years. When I purchased it I had to
wait a few weeks because they could only complete a few a week and the
orders were out stripping the construction! The water looks and tastes
different and does have an energizing healthy effect on the body. I used
to have a hard time drinking a quart of water a day, but not with this
water… 3 quarts is easy peasy. Our household used 3 5-gal bottles of
water a week–expensive! With the good water, we used 5-6 bottles a week!
The machine is still going strong, the mineral buildup from the water
supply is horrific and I sometimes have to unclip the outside half of the
globe and get the extra buildup out. But a half and half run through with
vinegar and a scrubbing off of the extra thick spots here and there once a
month does the trick for a few months. The ultraviolet ‘bulb’ is a high
tec emitter that is many steps higher than anything you can get for your
home. Don’t dis the product until you try it yourself or have someone send
you a bottle or 2 from their machine to try. It is NOT fake and is NOT a
waste of money. And this is from someone that cuts cost at every step
looking for the best bargains possible. This IS a ‘best bargain’. And if
you break the bulb (which IS heavy duty) it costs $80 – 90 to replace. ( at
least it did when I had to replace mine in 2004) Steep, but the machine’s
ability to destroy all pathogens is helpless without it. You can also get
a replacement for the “business” part of the machine. Once I realized the
machine’s value to me and mine, I ordered a spare just in case.( in 1999)
It is still in the box it came in.

John Ellis Water Machines says:

It is nice to hear all the good stories on here!!

rotory wankel says:

If anybody want to know for sure if this water is different or better,Just
put a bowl of your normal water on he ground for whatever Pet you own and
put the same amount of the distilled water in another bowl side by side and
see which one your pet drinks !! Animals have instincts that are very keen
and they know which one is better. Try these two different waters and see
for yourself. My dog and cats go to the distilled water every single time

rotory wankel says:

The first opening you describe is not a water port !! It holds a UV

Kai Nicholls says:

Thank you, I really liked this clip. I look forward to others from you.
Feel free to contact me to discuss more

Quit Work Club says:

That is an excellent quote thanks a lot! I certainly agree with that

Joan Arc says:

This is NOT a scam! My cousin is a radiologist who treats my Lyme’s
disease with Rife technology. He has purchased one of these machines and
distills the water for me. After one sip of this water you feel like you
just got an injection of B12. There is no crash or side effects at all,
but after a few days of drinking a couple of drops in a glass of regular
tap water every day, my Lymes is in total remission. I am also off the
caffeine as if I drink it with the water it’s far too much to handle.
Before you smart off like a know it all saying it’s a scam, try it. Then
come back here and let us all know how your foot tastes. 

K. Starling says:

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. You can’t “change” the hydrogen bond angle
in the water molecules. Please take some chemistry classes and/or
otherwise educate yourself. And the comments below… how do you people
remember to breathe?

Martin Pate says:

costs arm and a leg

kenny wally says:

All you had to do was go to the website and read. the machine boils the
water, exposes the water vapor to hi intensity UV lightbulb[s] and kills
any pathogens in the water, and changes the hydrogen bond angle which you
can taste. the water is amazing. I have the feeder water treated by a GE
under the counter filter to take advantage of both waters it makes and I
combine them and there is no better water. the distilled water is actually
SWEET! funny how informed people get labeled a cult….lmao

Mhi kl says:

Thanks for the demo, Christian. I listened to Mr Ellis’s interview on “It’s
Rainmaking Time” with Kim Greenhouse. I already have Clayton Nolte’s
Structured water unit and swear by it with the improvements to my skin-no
more dehydration. His & Dan Nelson’s work are called quackery as well.

But I know our world is far more than Einsteinian quackery but that is
another story. The universe has always been and always will be a
regenerating, conscious life force.

My problem with Mr Ellis (though I am still intrigued) is his site
presentation. It is practically incomprehensible and unfinished regarding
the workings of the machine. However, I will make a holiday journey to his
part of the world to talk with the man & son, if possible, and go from
there. The quality of parts and make is a plus to his efforts I suspect. 

rich andrews says:

don’t knock one till you test the water before and after.

Rex Notlob says:

Yea.. me too but clean it all the time.. the little ball has your heating
eliminate and your thermostat Take it apart and for god sakes clean it,, I
had a brick built up all most 2″thick.. don’t relay on white vinger .Or CLR
The build up is so thick from city water .If city water fucks up a
distilling machine like this.. just think what it dose on your body..I only
drink distilled water.. Yea its all bad for you..Bull Sh__* I add trace
minerals to my water. of my chaise..

Hugh Lambert says:

Actually, the “water fitting” on the top of the “ball” (actually the boiler
unit) is actually where an Ultraviolet bulb goes. This bulb just slides in
but requires a power supply. My wife swears by the machine which I think is
just a water distiller. Not much to get for $2k.

twilightstardust5 says:

Cant believe this is the only clip on YouTube for the john Ellis machine. I
was looking for instructions on how to remove the boiler for cleaning and
cannot find anything anywhere. Surprising considering what an amazing
machine this is.

John Carraway says:

Try emailing johnellis(.)com.

wmike82 says:

Missing the ozone bulb.

Greg C. says:

From what I have gathered from Ellis’s son, and others, ie. MDs, Los Alamos
Research Personnel, the Ellis machines distill water some 100x +. The
outcome is a water molecule that has a 114degree bond angle, compared to
tap water or single or triple pass distilled water. Results measured, in
those drinking it have showed a marked increase in blood flow
characteristics and many other benefits per years of use by customers and
anecdotal testimony. Some MDs use it on behalf of their patients.

Malach211 says:

dude I had to stop watching vid when you said the ultraviolet light input
was a water inlet. you should really do some research on these units and
look for Dr. Masaru emoto and Dr Marcel Vogel and you would understand more.

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