Business Ideas for Working from Home

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Close Business Ideas for Working from Home. Suzanne Rhodes gives 3 easy steps to a craft business: share samples with friends, find a craft show for display, and expand your business.


Donald Johnson says:

I will like to say thank you. 

Lyn Macomber says:

Really cute ideas! I can see how each of your ideas can help build a sweet
little home-based business to span all the holidays in a year. Great
stuff! :)

Rob Summers says:

Hello there

I just looked at Business Ideas for Working from Home, I really wanted you
to know I thought that it was a good video, it’s interesting just how many
responses you’ve gotten. Many thanks for posting. I look forward to the
next video.

Rob Summers
Feb 01, 2014 06:25:38

Alex Shelton says:

Great business ideas. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Alexandra Wickfree says:

thank you for sharing your great working from home ideas

HereIsScott says:

The problem is that people think its about “ideas” its not. Its about what
your good at and what your passionate about. Spend time finding out those
things and in the long run you’ll get much, much further in life.

Carmen Perkins says:

Thank You so much for your great ideas. I have been thinking about starting
a gift basket business for quite a while. Coming across your video, being
that there are so many others, is just confirmation to me that I need to
get started ASAP!

kervin Samuel says:

awsome video

Isabella Ducan says:

you give the title of a job type but dont actually tell anyone how to do it
like what to do exactly,. its alright saying cards, but what do we do with
the cards?

Gregory D. says:

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secret strategy to reach your audience.

MillionaireSociety01 says:

you are right suzanne

Maxwell Blake says:

I like some of the stuff you talked about. I will like to say thank you.
Keep up the good videos

MoreJoy2Life2 says:

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Leslie Luu says:

Good idea, especially the Holidays are coming soon…

americaworkathome says:

Your video is awesome for tips and ideas on starting a Home Business. We
believe in No JOB and a Home Based Business to create a life of financial
freedom in your Life! There is No More Job Security Folks. So Go start a
Home Based Business Today!

imarketingsoftware says:

Keep the great videos coming.

HawtYO says:

heyyy, you got facebook? (:

Best Reviews says:

Appreciate such business enthusiasm

TheMasterrochy says:


Rocio Victoria says:

thank you for your great ideas. you are one of the few people in the
internet that I have found straight forward, honest whent it comes to the
info. Thank you.

poweroftheatom says:

gift wrapping business requires a certain amount of creativity

TIM KIP says:

i wud go for the card business

Michael Glenn says:

This appears like a powerful way to earn from home. Hopefully it can
benefit someone.

Gentilseulement says:

How about a business to remove buzzing sounds on Youtube?

Dave Reinhardt says:


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