Home Based Business Ideas – Legitimate or Not? Google Hangout With Leo And Kristian

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This Google Hangout with Kristian Hoenike And Aurelio (Leo) Ramos has the following intent & covers some powerful ideas & questions regarding home based business opportunities with Dubli & what an entrepreneur should be considering.

Our goals were simple:
* Be completely transparent in our conversation so you can get real ideas and concept from business builders that are in the trenches.
* To leave out the hype and really just have a relaxed interview-style conversation regarding what we see as a future proof business.
* For anyone truly interested finding the best home based business opportunities to have an honest discussion of why this is a powerful legitimate home based business.

I believe we have accomplished such goals in this Google Hangout with this team of (Kristian & Leo). We cover topics such as:

* Why it’s really vital to take a close look at these home based business ideas right now.
* The value this brings to the consumer
* The power behind this team and how that impacts this business
* The type of impact this is and will continue to have at a global level.
* And really a venue for having you to be in a comfortable environment as you soak in the information provided.

Who is this Hangouts (https://plus.google.com/hangouts) On Air for?
* Anywhere from a beginner wanting to start their own legit home based business to an experienced Network (MLM) marketer that has been successful.
* Anyone tired of having to create their own home based business leads and wants to work with a team that will help build the business with you.
* Anyone searching for home based business reviews and looking for true win-win-win model businesses.

We certainly trust we’ve accomplished our goals and if we have done so you’ll probably be as excited (or more) as we have been about Dubli’s Business Model.

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Aurelio Ramos says:

You are all welcome, glad you like it. Please let me know if it actually
helps you grow your team.

Mimi Guzman says:

Thanks Leo. I enjoyed the casual style of your interview. Your
spreadsheet work is awesome.

Vitor Pinto says:

Thanks Aurelio. I will use for grow my team. Regards.

Asiane Yang says:

Very good Hangout. I like it. Thank you Aurelio :)

Danieli Gabardo says:

Great info Leo, thanks for sharing!

Aurelio Ramos says:
Irene West says:

Great hangout. Great introduction information.

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