Samantha Sutherland TV – Work From Home / Home Business Ideas… Part 1

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Samantha Sutherland, host of Samantha Sutherland TV asks a very important question. Would You Employ Yourself? If the answer is yes, this video series will help you get started from scratch with hardly any outlay using Samantha’s at home business strategies which keeps the overheads low. For this episode you will need a notepad and pen as Samantha sets a few tasks for you to complete in time for the next episode in this series. Log on to view previous episodes and watch Samantha’s At Home Jobs series via You will learn how to set up your own social media marketing company; set up your own image bank (like Istockphoto); set up your own graphic design and print company on pennies; set up your own tv/radio show; set up your own online shop with no stock; organise your own meet up events for next to no money; how you can get your video series on page 1 of google video search (freebie giveaway from Samantha); how to work for your clients as a foreign exchange trader online; how to become a football/soccer agent; how to make money from videos on your websites (in this video we look at personal fitness); how to sell your food to major supermarkets; you could become an investment property dealer; how you could become a virtual assistant; you could set up an online school; how you can sell your video game concepts to game providers; you could sell your inventions; you could become a published kindle author; you could start your own awards ceremony; you could source sites for hotels/supermarkets; you could set up your own mlm/network marketing company; you could have your own subscription based membership website; you could sell your songs/lyrics to major record labels; you could have your own event promotion business; you could run your own recruitment consultancy – Be inspired and let your mind run wild. From the tasks Samantha set you in this episode along with the At Home Jobs series, you should have an idea as to the kind of business you want to set up and will be ready for the next installment of this series.


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