TshirtRiches: Your Guide to Starting a T-shirt Business From Home!

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Nikhil Vetam says:

Wow, awesome intro man.

Jessie Ortega says:

I am thinking of buying a heat press, but my question is does it work with
satin fabrics? basketball shorts (satin), boxing shorts as well.. Thank

Hiba Nabulsi says:

Well i was thinking about starting my own tshirt buisness and you actually
are telling alot of rich stuff in your videos, im really glad i found out
your channel before starting it.. I’m looking forward to check out your
courses and get myself well educated before starting my buisness! 🙂

Thank you so much!

Chu Aleman says:

man you have been an inspiration to me i just bought a heat press Model
PRO-3804X from amazon just today. I would like to receive the three video
tutorials from you. my email is revx@hotmail.com. and brother you know how
to give back the information to people like me who are curious about all
this process. Ive been paying 30 bucks each time i buy a soccer jersey for
lettering and thanks to your videos i see that i can even design this
jerseys for myself and most of all very original that not even anyone will
have it. Thanks again and god bless and keep it up, people like you make
the difference and i respect that.

Thanks again

Jesus Aleman
Orlando, FL

bionca murray says:

I plan on starting a T-Shirt business really soon.. I wanted to know the
best software to design the graphics for the t shirts, the best heat
machine to use, and good vendors to buy basic T-Shirts…

I am also interested in your free course..
Bionca Murray
You can contact me at bioncasmurray@gmail.com 

pincgator says:

Pinc Gator pincgator@gmail please send the e-book to start a tshirt
business. Thank you King! 

Kai Nicholls says:

Thank you, I really liked this clip. I look forward to others from you.
Feel free to contact me to discuss more

Coach K Exclusive says:

Thank You So much .. My email is CoachKExclusive @gmail.com

Alan Ramirez says:

Hi cartess, what is the name brand model of that heat press machine?

Toooooort says:

i want to see this after been in the washer a couple of times. 

Mica Princess Peralta says:

I love your videos , especially to those like me who wants to start a
printing business . But have no knowledge at all, its really big help. Do
you have any package for your equipment ? If you do , you can email me. And
by the way , I am student 🙂 

adelaye ayobami says:

i cant access the web page

Chris Darby says:

With kids and a wife to take care of you gave me hope! I now have a sense
of purpose after watching your videos, you are touching lives with what you
doing here. I am also interested in your free course. Thank you! 

wali55404 says:

Hey Cartess,. I am very much interested in this business. I will sure will
email you. thanks 

zion darl says:

how much does this heat press cost? i mean this particular heat press tht
was used on this video

Parps Mcpimpson says:

Hi Cartess, Im wondering where the best place or website is to buy the

Dj Cachanilla says:

mr cartess how you doing , hey in one of you videos i cant remember wish
one you tell us where you get these screen printing heat transfer designs,
thank you…..

Atricia Armstead says:

If i by a sublimation heat press machine can i use it to print out a screen
print shirt?

Bmx Lyfe says:

Also do you need a permit to sell online or in stores?

ysabelle pichay says:

Hello, can I ask what heat press machine are you using there? :D

TshirtRiches.com says:

Join us at TshirtRiches.com to sign-up for FREE online classes on starting
a t-shirt business!

James says:

Hi, I’ve started making t shirts and I have a website and a brand, how did
you draw attention to your designs to get sales? I have the website and
twitter/Instagram, but I have no idea how to get people to see it


Queeney Ju says:

I tried setting up for the free course but I never got an email…kindly
help me..thank you Mr. Ross for your inspirational videos. 

Tasha McArthur says:

Im such a huge fan & i appreciate u sharing this information

Deshawn Gardner says:

My name is Deshawn and I would love to get started this week can someone
contact me at 773-290-0607 I have a couple question about what’s the
smartest way to get started and invest in it

Rob OBrien says:

Cartess’ courses are very thorough. If you have never gone into a business
venture his classes will help you think through the steps you will need to
get set up. The information is good. 

krunal dudhe says:

Krunal Dudhe my email is vicked.dk05@gmail.com
i have some designs tell me how can i transfer those designs on transfer

Niccolas Latour says:

Hi, my name is Ohan the from Nicolas Latour, I want to know how much do i
need to start up and what are the list of things I need to begin with.
Please email me or if you have fairly used equipment I can buy from you to
begin. Thanks

Von Chapman says:

hey do you have gmail account I have some questions I want to ask

Wayne Basa says:

John Basa my email: jkb80869@yahoo.com

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