Home Based Small Business Ideas

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I started my business 5 years ago with no money, staff, facilities or expenses from my home. LInks to other franchise opportunities below
It was an advertising newspaper and I profited by selling advertising to the local business community where I was distributing the newspapers.
Once I devised a business plan or plan of distribution which would appeal to the local businesses, I was able to sell them ad’s in my newspaper before it was printed or any money was invested.
It blossomed into an extremely lucrative business whereas my newspapers went from distribution in the local retail outlets to a magazine which was mailed through the Post Office’s bulk system. I was mailing 10,000 magazines per month.
This business took planning, and creativity to get off the ground but was the only business I could start without substantially investing my money, which was my goal.
It was a secondary, kind of retirement business whereas I just wanted to keep busy and make a few dollars.
It was so successful that I now help people all over the world to do the same thing using my proven business plan.
If you visit my website you will see my business plan in it’s entirety and understand how I did it and why it succeeding.
If you can do it on your own without my help, that’s great. If you need my help with designing, navigating the bulk postal system, locating a specialized newspaper printer with a web press, as well as everything else assuring you get-it-done, that would be a pleasure as I like to help people succeed. I only charge a minimal amount for the time I spend tutoring you in getting started (which includes the software for ad and content design as well as samples to show prospective advertisers what your newspaper or magazine will look like). Makes it a lot easier.
Special skills are not required and the people I teach the business to, have it all learned within 12 hours of 1 on 1 personal instruction via the telephone or skype.


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