How to Start a Cake Business

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Do you want to know how to start a cake business?
Find out just what is inside the Online Start Your Cake Business Course with founder of Learn Cake Decorating Online, Louise Vansleve.

Video 1: The Successful Business Owner
Let’s figure out together, what exactly a business is and what it takes to run one. It sounds all very simple but this is where I see most businesses go wrong.With your workbook supplied in the course, we will figure out just what your objectives are and set you on the right course to achieve them.
Video 2: Guiding Questions Just how do you stay on track in your business and make the right decisions, so that your profit stays where you want it. In your pocket!
Video 3: Business Basics- Research and Regulations Now you know what you want, how on earth do you wade through all information out there and figure out just how to make it happen! And I am not talking about baking! I want to give you the low down on all the business requirements you need.
Video 4: Business Basics – Insurance, Legal and Accounting Yep, you gotta do it and know about it!
Video 5: Marketing and Targeting Targeting the clients that you want to deal with. Lets face it, you can’t please everyone all of time. (or so my mother told me!) But you can target just the clients that you want to do business with, so you get to make more of the cakes and the profit that you want.
Video 6: Social Media How do you leverage this tool that allows you to target thousands of potential customers in your local area……for FREE!
Video 7: Pricing and Client Management Now this is the biggie. If I get asked about anything, it is this. Pricing. Lets figure it out for once and for all. And just how do you explain why your cakes are worth just a little more than the ones on the shelves at the supermarket.
Video 8: Creating a business and a life that you LOVE! In this final module we celebrate our successes and talk about how to keep the momentum going.

In addition to the 8 video modules, comprehensive ebook and resource guide you will receive

A Business and Marketing forms pack with over 15 customizable forms for you to use in your own business, covering everything from marketing newsletters to client contact sheets.


A Vendor guide to give you all the best places to get your websites, logos, accounting software, printables and more

Not only that we have interviewed some experts to help you even more…..Want to know about Copyright Law? We have that covered. PR? Yep, we interview a PR specialist. Law of Attraction? Oh and a Branding Expert! Yep thats in there too!

Want to hear from other established decorators too?
Well we have interviews with amazing cake decorators to tell you about their experiences and just what they do to stay in the game.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention….you also get access to our just updated Deep Dive FB course AND Photograph Your Cakes!

This is the most comprehensive course in the market and at $197 is the best value going around.

Get ready to take your business to the next level! Sign up today!


Do you want to turn your passion for cake decorating into a career that you will love?

Join Louise, founder of Learn Cake Decorating Online in this jam packed course designed to give you all the tools you need to start or grow your successful business.


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