How To Start An Online Fashion Business – The Basics

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This video just goes through the basic steps on how to start your own Online Fashion Business.

If you would like to get more information on the topics discussed about in this video, there are separate videos in my channel that get more into detail.

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Sandy Manu is the CEO and Founder of ARCHVST LLC. She started the company in 2012 at the age of 24 but didn’t open the doors for ARCHVST until Feb 3, 2014. She started the company with less than $5,000 which stretched over a period of 2 years. Sandy operates ARCHVST in her home making it a home-based business. She is a wife and a mother to 2 boys ages 6months and 4years old. Check us out!


Frevonna Mazique says:

Ooomgosh!!! SO appreciate your video!! VERY helpful and useful information.
Thank you!! I am subscribing!! :)

aaliyah minor says:

Thank you so much for this. It was extremely helpful. Great to see someone
willing to share their knowledge with others! 

Ana Padinha says:

Great video ! thanks for sharing your project and all the way to get there.
Greetings from Portugal :)

M Megan says:

Your videos are so helpfull, thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Please more videos. Greetings from Norway

juildaes juidaes says:

Really great tips ARCHVST! honestly when i 1st started i was lost and
confused.. i didnt know how to get my products on the market, and then i
found Shopify It made everything so much
easier for me! the 14 day free trial is awesome too! All you need is your
products and shopify will get them on the market!

defconxomega says:

this was about as useless as a football bat

812iwona says:

Thank you for info

erica lewis says:

thank you so much for all of your tips! you are so appreciated!

Eric Rivera says:

Hey sandy thanks for all the good info! Honestly it shined a lot of light
on the process of getting an online fashion store going. Talk about where
beauty meets hustle.

K. Frierson says:

Amazing information, thank you

lfemmecoure says:

Yes information I need. 

wunderbarr123 says:

Omgggg, thanks to you, I was able to start an online fashion business in
oneee dayyy. Sold already 3 socks.

Ana Tenango says:

You are my inspiration!! I been doing lots and lots of research on all this
i been itching to start my own business your videos have provided so much
helpful info!!

Jasminembrown1 says:

Thanks so much for this video!!!!

MaPrins says:

thank you for all your tips! great vid!

Brooke Malone says:

Thank you!

felisha malave says:

You just made my night. I have been researching this topic now for weeks.
Would you recommend attending some workshops or classes at a community
college for small business? I love fashion and soon would like to design my
clothes. Thank you! Xo 

Ahmed Said says:

Iam from uk … do you recommend any wholesaler here in uk ? …. thanks
for fantastic video. 

Luz Moran says:

Thank you very much Sandy for this informative video! I look forward to
viewing your other videos! I’m finally taking the leap :)

Ed Abeles says:

thank You….inspiring!

Ssweety Ssweety says:

Hi, Sandy! I also sell some fashion accessories online.
How to find the target client?
My web is

Rachel Dunn says:

Hello Sandy, first and foremost, Thank you soooo much for your lovely
videos they helped a lot! But, I do have a question that Im hoping you can
answer. When I go to my local county clerks office to register my online
store name, do I have to put the full name PLUS “.com/storenvy”? and when
I file my fed tax i.d number as well?

DbigO7 says:

Hi Sandy,
I am interest in starting an online business and was wondering if you can
email the step on how to go about starting the business, if you don’t mind.
I did take some notes on your video on how to get started. Your time is
greatly appreciate. Love your videos! Keep on the great work!

Asia_Lee says:

Great video Thanks for sharing … I have a question for you. How much
money did you actually save up before you started your business and started
ordering wholesale?
Thanks again!

DbigO7 says:

Oops I forgot to add my email address.
Bonnie N.

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