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Drop Shipping Home Business Selling On Ebay and Q/A or If you just want to Chat

Come and watch FREE Live training on how Sell online in the world’s largest online market place.

-Requirement for starting this Business:

-Basic Computer Skills
-Work from anywhere with Internet Connection
-Have at minimum of a couple hundreds dollars to buy products for customers

-No Inventory to hold
-No Recruiting or Sponsoring required

Drop Shipping Business Model Explained:

Video of my Paypal Statements and Check I received from this business starting from November 2013:

Watch FREE Live Training here:
Hours: 8:00AM-9AM PST Monday-Friday
Slow Training – Drop Shipping Home Business Selling On Ebay and Live Q/A

Call in Live:
Conference# 585-632-5236
Pin #66683

I can also be reached at:
Skype: minhluml

The Pro Course is $19.95 a month
Video step by step training
Ready to take the Business Course?
Step 1: Sign up here:

Step 2: Watch the Training Modules


mercerpride says:

when is says “sold by *___* company” and “fulfilled by Amazon”, do these
classify for free shipping and are we able to work with these types? if we
are, does it work the same as if “sold by Amazon?” Thanks in advance :)

mercerpride says:

Another question, can we sell a product on ebay if it is not already being
sold by someone on ebay? Ie, a brand new product now posted for sale on
ebay but is available on Amazon? Thanks buddy :)

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