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Find out more about how you can launch your very own successful business from home and never miss an important moment in your child’s life again. We can help – bit.ly/1eUAG3W

We help mothers transition for working mum to Business mum.
This is an advert promoting the second edition of Lizz Akin’s book ‘For Busy Mums: How to Launch A Successful Home Business’ and centres around a survey which found that 9/10 children of Full-time working mothers wish their mums could spend more time with them.

This advert is thought-provoking and tackles a difficult topic facing working mothers. It also highlights an uncomfortable reality mothers are facing. This video is about a boy named James who can hardly spend time with his mother because she works full-time. Many mothers are forced financially to work full-time, but at Mums 30 Day Business, we hope to help as many mothers as possible make the transition from working full-time to starting a business which can give them financial freedom and more time to spend with the ones they love most.

This video also aims to bring to light the impact working full-time can have on children but also the option to set up a business and work from home.

Lizz Akin wrote this book because after growing up in a situation very similar to James, she promised to do her best ensure her own children didn’t grow up missing their mother. After setting up her own business and becoming a parent, friends and family frequently asked how they too can start a business whilst raising their own children. Lizz decided to embark on a mission to write a guide book for other mothers on how they too can set up their own business, be financially free and be there whenever their children need them there.

Get your guide now at bit.ly/1eUAG3W and see what difference it makes to your child’s life.
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Totul Baser says:

I really want to quit my job and start my business so that I can be there
for my som.

habib mondol says:

I really agree with this video – it totally resonates with me.

salma silpi says:

That’s why I think the world is turning into a cruel place because parents
are no longer there for their children.

felanda leavis says:

This will be a great book for my sister

nazmul hasan says:

whats the site to download the book.

shohel Molla says:

This was me when i was younger.

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