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My Way Out, The End Of An Unfulfilling Job. And the Beginning Of A New Life.
Gratitude First.
I know that many of you are going to read this article and think yourself what an ungrateful person I must be. So let me clear the air right away. I am grateful for sheet metal workers LU#28. I enjoyed many good years of growing and learning with that union. I am also grateful for the layoffs that came at the end of a project. Those layoffs inspired me to look and ultimately decide on becoming internet marketing pro.
Yes my original motive for even thinking of surfing the web was money. I’m sure that my first search term was; how to make money at home. Or something related to that. I needed to find something else to pay my bills and the internet seemed like a good idea at the time. Just like at another time when I thought that joining the union was a good idea and it worked out fine. Since I had a salary increase from earning $17,000.00 a year up to over $70,000 in less than 5 years and much more on years that I worked a complete year plus overtime. So it turned out to be a pretty good idea. But now it’s time to move off of this stepping stone on to the next.
What was I to do?
I looked at all of my options. I was a ninth grade dropout, I was a recovering alcoholic with prior run-ins with the law, I wanted to teach karate again but if I was called back to work, I would never be home with my wife and kids who I had neglected as a husband, father and friend because of a life time of putting the bottle before my loved one’s and sitting home at the dinner table with my family had take precedence over everything else other than my recovery. So karate just didn’t seem like a good idea. I wanted to go back to school but then again, that would have taken me away from my family. Plus I was in default of a student loan from a technical school I attended when I lived in New York City with my mother. So I really couldn’t afford that even if I wanted to go just a couple of hours in the evenings. When I took a good inventory of my options I didn’t have many. That’s when I started to look online.

It wasn’t the Job, it was me.
Something happened as I was looking for some online home business ideas. As the layoffs were coming more often and lasting much longer. I decided to take some action and join one of these online home based businesses. Things were getting very uncomfortable at home; the stacks of bills were just getting bigger and my income just seemed to get smaller and smaller. So that was my motivation to join. And I joined a pretty good company and even though I didn’t earn much money with that company I feel that I gained something much more valuable, an education. Just as I was starting to get some good leads and I began to see some progress something strange happened. The union called me back to work. And I made a very mediocre move based on fear and inexperience and went back to work.
Nevertheless the seed of becoming an online entrepreneur had already been planted and on free evenings and weekends I cultivated, fertilized and nourished that seed by reading personal improvement books , listening to audio training on my I pad. I eventually stopped carpooling with my negative minded friends and would ride the train. My lunch bag was exchanged for a backpack so I could carry my laptop and work on the train and every other opportunity that I would get.
Now, here’s the thing, and this is why I said that it was me not the job. I was changing, my mindset as an entrepreneur and a leader was growing away from that whole environment and the more I went to work the less I wanted to be there. Finally on my last layoff I promised myself that I would never collect another unemployment check. And I’ve been able to keep that promise and many others.
My intention.
I just want to let you know. That if I can do it, you can do it. I had no money, no education and very little choices. So if you’re thinking about getting involved in to the world of internet marketing, network marketing or any kind of online home business you can do it. I’m not saying that it’s an easy thing to do, because it’s not. And honestly anytime anybody decides that they want to reinvent themselves the truth is that I don’t care what you decide to do. It’s going to take hard work and commitment.
But I am positive proof that if somebody want to learn how to become an online home business entrepreneur it can be done. All you have to do is want it, plant the seed, take care of that seed make sure that that seed is nurtured and cultivated and before you know, it will be time to harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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