Sex Business Bangkok – Daily Work Of Thai Women – Soapy Massage

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Sex Business Bangkok – Daily Work Of Thai Women Employed In A ” Soapy Massage “. VERSION WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES:
This video was shot by the renowned filmmaker Michael Glawogger ( died 23.April 2014 + ).It’s an episode from the movie ” Whores Glory “.
Written and Performed by P.J. Harvey (as PJ Harvey)
Courtesy of Universal Island Records LTD
2.Dear Darkness
Written and Performed by P.J. Harvey (as PJ Harvey)
Courtesy of Universal Island Records LTD
3.The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore
Written and Performed by P.J. Harvey (as PJ Harvey)
Courtesy of Universal Island Records LTD
Written and Performed by ‘Tricky’
Courtesy of Universal Island Records LTD
Written by Bianca Casady & Sierra Casady
Performed by CocoRosie
Courtesy of Touch and Go Records Inc.
6.Honey or Tar
Written by Bianca Casady & Sierra Casady
Performed by CocoRosie
Courtesy of Touch and Go Records Inc.
7.Beautiful Boys
Written by Bianca Casady & Sierra Casady
Performed by CocoRosie
Courtesy of Touch and Go Records Inc.
8.Kobita Porar Prohor
Written and Performed by Samina Chowdhury
Courtesy of World Music


shelleyinthecity says:

If you want to see some real sex going on skip to 18:45

ForceOfWizardry says:

Look at those smiles once walking into those massage parlors! More smiles
than a kid at Disneyland for sure!

Alix Chase says:

why the hell aren’t there any subtitles

jay rey says:

i just got back from Bangkok and i can honestly say this place has got to
be the most unoriginal place on earth. the only reason anyone should ever
want to visit is to either shop or get a venereal disease. the people are
insanely rude, the cab drivers are scumbags who will scam you faster than
you can say aids and those tuk tuk drivers are basically promoters for ping
pong shows and whore houses. sign me up for never visiting again! 

Mei Eng says:

My mom and dad were sold into Chinese Opera at 6 years old. Mom had 4
children. She was making 600 bahts per month which was only $30 in 60s to
80s. She still works. These are lazy women who are digging for wealthy
men who will marry them or keep as secret mistresses. They want money to
shop and look beautiful. Regular work is too hard for them. I’m proud of
myself to work and put myself to college. I don’t need White men to care
for me. I don’t even look for a white man. They chase me. You can find
real beautiful good Thai women. These are sluts who use “POOR family” as
excuse. My mom is very poor with 4 kids and she is proud. I’m proud of my
mother. These whores give our women bad name.

HalfBreedMix says:

Someone needs to go up their and smack that b!tch for laser’ing people in
the face.

givethank says:

i am thai i don’t know some body make clip stupid for thailand
.here have russia and Caucasian from europe too hey fair for thai
people don’t make stupid clip vdo .fuck off .i know man from europe
many stupid and jealious thai .

jianhao Tian says:

whitch masssage shop it is?

Seizhin Amuro says:

เรามาแก้ปัญหาพวกหญิงขายตัว ชายซื้อบริการกันก่อนไหม คนไทยก็เยอะนะ

kriwut phoprom says:

ไซร์ราย เบอร์ตอง เนื้อตัวดี เบิ้ลใด้ ไม่เร่งแขก

Ankur Chopra says:

They only do massage , They dont do sex?

Let salawa says:

hey guy Attractions in this country you have. Why do you think some .You
see just one point or Why return to the see country youself.

Ilkin Behramli says:

shelleyinthecity 232 girl name ?

Mei Eng says:

Translation: The men said you can’t compare these women to their women at
home. The one at home is his soulmate who understands him and is his life
time partner. This women are temporary entertainment and pleasure. You
can’t compare these women to their wives because wife does take time to
invest and find one who will understand them body, mind, spirit.

Em Saklie says:

Fuck all the falang that come to our country and flash your petty money and
treatin our people like low ..
If the western world didn’t interfer we wouldn’t have this high problem 

gk10002000 says:

Bareback sex at 15:50

Sea Hawks says:

the end of days

Michael James says:

Thai girls are not forced to be prostitutes. There are plenty of jobs for
them to do
They choose it as an easy and fun lifestyle.
Like it or not they are selling a commodity that they own; their sex.
They only have to go with a man for one hour at a time for three days a
week and they earn as much as a factory worker.
As a man, if a woman asked to have sex with you and wanted to pay you for
it, what would you say?
Most men would say Yippee! and give up their day job too.
So don’t be hypocritical.
Thailand is a free society and even gays are not abused and are free to
dress how they want. Try that in Europe or America.
Prostitution exists in every country. The Thai’s are just more open about
it, whereas the prudish Western races pretend that it doesn’t happen in
their own countries.

Ravipon Pakkul says:

To HallivanGalli who posted this video. I bet you might have gone for a
night and yes fucked a Thai woman. But before posting, please look at your
fucking self to see how better you are than those women in prostitution.
You have your fucking money and you decided to spend it unwisely just for
your happiness which last only a few seconds. How was your ejaculation? Did
it feel so good? Go back to fuck your WHITE mother!

Bryan Marcial says:

Many of them Girls have Pimps in the Message business. They set someone to
meet the girls at a Motel room and they rob them and sometimes Kill them.
The Girls act like victims in the robbery to make it look legit. The Pimp
know where to send His guys.

Ankur Chopra says:

did they only do massage

Harith Harzan says:
Ilkin Behramli says:

232 girl name ?

Danushka Perera says:

this world is shit

Salman Smm says:

what’s the name of that place please ???

John hudson says:

Is prostituition legal in Thailand..?? AND ARE ALL THESE WOMEN SAFE FROM

Y2kfilmsbkk says:


Iwan Jaya says:

18′.30″ dogs scene…..loL so cute

jerry pinn says:

Lucky people. We indians are not so. India is a cursed country. U must be
rich or get married to fuck, else you have nobody to fuck. I wish India
falls into the Bay of Bengal and all the cursed bastards die a dog’s death.

Salvador70s says:


Kizzee Ivel says:

Prostitutions gives women wrecked pussy.

Sammy says:

It’s like going to an aquarium store, staring at the fish tank and picking
which fishes maybe adaptable in your own tank ?
Who knows, it could create more babies in the long term and earn you pocket
money in selling them just like the owner in here as their pimp breeding
them in the glass tank while customers / clients chooses them !
In this scenario Thailand, who also knows it could be a lady boy ??? 

kohblue yannava says:


Mike lamborghini says:

The music just pissed me off,but the girls are hot

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