Slurpee Rant about home based business ideas?

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Is this really a slurpee rant? Yes it is!
Come find out more about how a rant like this can help you in your home based business.
Now I am not a Brain surgeon or a Mathematical genius…. and it doesn’t take much to follow a few simple steps..

Find out how I have been able to quit my day job and work from home building a successful home based business and you can too. Really it seems that all that is required is a desire to build your own home based business and the willingness to take the action steps.

This rant is an example of the passion and simple approach that I use and show others too as well. If your looking for an extra income, maybe you want to send your kids to private school, or summer camp. Maybe its time to upgrade your car??

Whatever your goals are for wanting to start a home based business, you can reach them if you have a plan. Better yet, start with somebody else’s template and you can get a faster start to your home based business.

My experience may not be “typical”, however typically it seems that people are going freestyle and have no plan of action, no method of operations that they can implement in their home based business. If you want extraordinary results, then do extraordinary things!

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I hope your home based business quest is prosperous and fun!
See you soon.

Bert Bledsoe


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Bert Bledsoe says:

Another crazy analogy..
#homebasedbusiness #marketing

Evan Bang says:

I think it’s really awesome that you can make a video about Slurpee and
connect it with home based business ideas. How cool is that. Great job.

Judy Fruendt says:

your awesome

Rich Miller says:

Great analogy Bert!

Phil Aguilar says:

Dude!! I want a slurpee!

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