Stay at Home Mom Talk: Weekly Cleaning Routine

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A popular topic for stay at home moms is what sort of cleaning routine is most effective and when to get it all done. Here is a general idea of what I do around my house and my cleaning schedule. I would love to hear what your current cleaning routine is, as my schedule is always evolving.



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ladama says:

While I like the videos because I just have an interest on how other people
do things, I don’t understand why people need advise on how to clean. My
mom had three of us and there was always food on the table and the apt
clean. Granted, she was a stay at home mom and the apt was small but still.
I am going to ask her how she did it when two of us were home for summer

J morine says:

Awesome video!

Sheena Joy says:

I have the same two problems, dusting & a “dump table” You are not alone

Udhatethat says:

Great video. Subscribed :-)

Tiffany dawne says:

I struggle with keeping up with cleaning with six kids, any help is very

Cynthia Chacon says:

Love this video! Thank u for taking your time to do this :)

crazzymom24 says:

I have the same problem with paper. It gets way worse when kids go to
school. I use binders. my 7yr old knows her binder will have her class
schedule and there lunch order days and prices and anything else she needs.
with the bills they go ingot a magazine rack on my buffet in my dinning
room and flyers go in one too. all the other paper that comes in gets a
assigned spot in my binder. It works so great for everything to be at my
finger tips but not on the table. 

Heidi Peel says:

Thanks so much for these awesome and useful tips! I’m a stay at home mom as
well and am part of two businesses, making money online while still caring
for my 3 year old daughter 🙂 Email me for more info:

beingmommywithstyle says:

Hi! I’ve updated the description to include it again, I’m not sure what
happened there. If it still isn’t working, you can email me and I can send
it to you there as well. (Bags4Bubbles at gmail dot com) 🙂 Thanks for

lizvigil4 says:

I use baby wipes for small messes too!

Nancy Arnold says:

Thank you so much for this it was very helpful I struggle with organizing
and making time for cleaning greatly!!! Thank u

ZinPittys says:

I love your channel’s name!!!! Hugs from Costa Rica!!!!

Steve Karina says:

Hi great video, i have a great tip for your mail. I bought a Martha stewart
paper sorter that you just stick and pin on the wall, and it has 2
sections, one for mail in and one for mail out. Since I’ve done that it’s
amazing how organized our paper was. No more clutter! I also have a big
motherword calendar on my fridge with a color code for bills, appointments,
activities. b-days, etc. On the side of one of my kitchen cabinet i bought
a smaller version of the same martha stewart paper …

SimplyTashy says:

This was very helpful, thanks for sharing!

kim3lise says:

Di please do a linen closet organization. How do you store your sheets?

cameleon Girl says:

Sometimes I get in a kick of doing a five minute clean up, and rush to do
it in one room lol. It’s amazing how much you can get sorted or dusted!

Steve Karina says:

…sorter, to actually sort all of the paid bills, receipts and other stuff
to be sorted and it works great!!! Bathroom scrubbing bubbles for the
shower is my fav and i love also the wipes! Also in the entry way I found a
small foldable storage bench to hide some stuff and to be able to sit down.
Thanks for the tips!!! I wonder if you have some mommy tips on time
management. These days my toddler is keeping me busy, so how do you manage
your time with your kids.

GormleyBell says:

You’re a great wee housewife!! I love being a stay at home mummy! Love
housework too! I am super bad at keeping my wooden panels next to the
ground clean tho!

Kelley Howard says:

I miss being a stay at home mom!

kim3lise says:

I do my cleaning on a need basis. I have no specific schedule. But I change
sheets every 2 weeks except for messes then I do it immediately. I do
laundry every 3 days.

Manda w says:

Tip for you: i prefer the mr clean micro fiber sweepers then the swifter, i
have two one for dry and one for wet i use a squirt and wipe floor cleaner
that is greeat for making floor shiny. I do use the wet swifter for
everyday mopping though I really like the grime boss brand cleaners they
are very cost efficient. Great video.

Alessia m says:

Great video! you should do more of these! Can’t wait for your next video on
bags4bubbles as well!

Caryn's Corner says:

i didn’t see the cleaning schedule in the comments. do you have a copy of
the schedule that you follow?

tiscia havis says:

Mail ughhh-when i collect the mail its one to two piecces and i throw the
junk in the trash outside on my way back in-when my hubby gets the mail its
a pile and he always brings it in and throws it on the kitchen table-I
hateee mail lol-I love baby wipes for cleaning i buy them by the boxes

beingmommywithstyle says:

Thanks! I will keep an eye out for something like that! I have a basket
that I got for my kitchen to put mail in when it first comes in, but a
sorter like that would probably be even better. Thanks for watching! And I
will do an upcoming video on time management too. 🙂 Toddlers definitely
never sit still, I got more done when I just had a baby!

beingmommywithstyle says:

Thanks! 🙂

Authentic127 says:

Great video. Lots of good tips. Even though I am a stay at home mo

beingmommywithstyle says:

Thanks! 🙂

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